Thursday, April 12, 2018

Today, You are Ten

Well, as far as we know, anyway. We're not sure of your exact birthday, so we use your "Gotcha Day" instead.

You've been with us for two years now. What a ride it's been! We've all come a very long way in this short period of time.

When we first met you, I don't think either we or the humane society realized how terrified and shut down you were. As you became used to your new surroundings with us, you let us see just how traumatized you were when you were forced to leave Mama #1. You told us that the world was scary. People were scary. Dogs were super scary. The cats weren't scary but we belonged to you now so they shouldn't act like they owned us. We could pet you, but no cuddling could happen unless the lights were out and we couldn't see you.

Your anxiety about the world and your place in it threw us for a loop. We wanted you to know just how much you were loved, and how welcome you were in our lives, but we simply didn't know how to help you. We made mistakes. But I'd like to think we learned from them.

I'd like to think that in the last couple of years you've learned a few things as well. You've learned that we love you very much. That we'll keep you safe. That it's okay to cuddle with us whenever you like, even if we can see you. Dogs are still pretty scary, but you've learned that your Grammy, Aunt and Uncle are pretty cool people. At least, you'll tolerate their presence.

Today, you are 10. Which is 70 in dog years. We've noticed that you've slowed down just a tiny bit. But you still love being outside and going on walkies with us. You love rolling around the back yard and chewing on big sticks.

The top photo was taken about a month after we got him, the bottom
was taken about a month ago. A little blurry, but he's gotten a lot more
white along the muzzle, and his ears have definitely faded a bit. Our old fart 💕

And every time I walk in the door, you are there to greet me. I see the love in your eyes (and your waggy tail) and you make me happy.

Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day, my sweet and crazy boy.

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