Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Project 251: I'm Too Lazy to Post in a Timely Fashion Edition

Several weeks ago, we were desperate to get out of town for the weekend. It was the week of Valentine's Day. We both had stuff going during the week, so we decided Best Guy would take Friday off, and we'd head up to the NEK to knock off a few more towns and maybe have a romantic dinner at nice place while we had a babysitter. AKA, my Mom.

I am extremely late in posting the pics because Life. But better late than never, right? This is our first 251 excursion since October, I believe. It's a lot harder to do in the winter, because a lot of roads are either impassible or just really stupid to be on with a Prius.

But that didn't stop us, oh no.

147: Woodbury. Note the "witch window" on the house in the back. Almost exclusively a Vermont/New England thing.

148: Hardwick. It's a cute little town with lots going on.

149: Greensboro. It's a dying little town with lots of closed business.

150: Glover. As BG said, "rhymes with lover".

151: Sutton. Home of my Aunt and marks only 100 towns left to visit!

152: Lyndon. 

153: St Johnsbury. The only town in the United States with this name. Also, I was born here and spent a lot of time
here as a child. Mainly going to doctor's appointments for my ear. Which still doesn't work, but at least it's not going to kill me.

154: Danville. Taken at the entrance of a snow mobile trail. 

155: Cabot. Taken outside the Cabot creamery. I've been eating their cheese literally all my life. Om nom nom.

We've always managed to make it work, traveling with Toby. However, it's more difficult in the winter because picnicing is near to impossible and his reactivity regarding dogs and other humans make being in a more populated place (like we were this time) difficult. We had the opportunity to visit a micro-brewery while we were out and about this time. Unfortunately, only BG got to go in and sample. I had to be babysitter outside. Trying to keep Toby from freaking out with all the other people and dogs wandering around. And there were actually things to see and do in Hardwick, Lyndon and St Johnsbury, but again because of him we were extremely limited.

We had the pleasure of going to the Doggie Chapel in St Jay (as it's called here in VT). We managed to be there for quite a while before a couple dogs decided they wanted to be Toby's friend. Of course, he wasn't having it. It scares the shit out of me, frankly, when off-leash dogs come up to him. Even when they're well mannered and well trained. Toby will attack. And there is literally nothing we can do to train it out of him. We just keep him well leashed and hope people don't curse us too badly.

We did manage a couple decent pics at the Chapel though:
The outside of the chapel.

The inside is covered stem to stern with notes for fur babies no longer in this world. This is the note I left.

You can see my note on the right side of the image, by the loop on the glass window.

Toby and I inside the chapel. You can see part of the wall covered in notes behind us. 

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