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Manifesting Your Life's Purpose Starts with Figuring Out WTF it is

February has rolled in and decided to stick around for a while, and finally my desire to shift professional gears has focused in on a specific thought: I want to write.

So, y'know... ignore all the typos and shit in my posts and just pretend I am a capable human being. Kay? Kay.

I have always written. All my life I've written. Sometimes silly little stories, sometimes poems, sometimes longer tales steeped in fantasy and a little horror. But mostly, it manifests in this blog and to a lesser extent my professional blog. Which I completely suck at keeping up to date at all. Seriously, the last time I wrote anything for that blog was, like, November.

I've re-upped my focus on the book I started writing last year. Revisiting, revising, adding, even going so far as to sending an extremely rough draft of a chapter to Best Guy just to see if it's worth pursuing any further.

(He loved it, for what's it's worth.)

(It's worth a hell of a lot, actually).

I've also …

Cleanse, Cold, Craziness, These are Words that Start with the Letter "C"

Today is February 1st, Imbolc if you are Pagan. Nutshelled, it's Celtic in origin and celebrates the germination of Springtime. In agrarian cultures, its when all the calves and lambs and such are being born. It's when - if you live in a place that is not Vermont - you might actually be able to say there is only six more weeks of winter left.

What is it like to only have three months of winter? Is it glorious? I would think it is glorious. Let me tell you what it's like to have six months of winter. It sucks.

Moving on...

The sugar cleanse went pretty well generally speaking. Best Guy had a rough week or so after the first five days. My last few days were pretty rough, but I did well up until that point. We were on track to make it through the 31st when the Cleanse got called on account of an emergency room visit.

Let me explain.

Best Guy went to work as usual on the 30th. He had a snack around 9:30am or so, and started getting sharp pains in his abdomen and decided to com…