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Bob the Prius, RIP

We got word yesterday that Bob the Prius has been designated a "total loss." They're going to give us a decent amount, and with some money from our savings we think we can buy a used car outright. It's still going to be at least a week before I'm driving around in my newest vehicle. It's nice to not be in limbo anymore, and while the process will take longer than I like we're at least moving forward.

Our generous insurance is giving us a week from yesterday to return the rental, which is awesome and not awesome at the same time. Having the rental means we don't have to share the Leaf, which because its 100% electric only has a 100 mile radius. With the colder weather, its actually closer to 85mph. I love driving that thing, but with our vastly different schedules sharing would be a trial. 

On the other hand, rental is from Texas and can't handle the cold so the tire pressure light keeps beeping at me. The rental guy said I could return it and get …

Gratitude Abounds

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving, and we went up to my Mom's house for the day. It was a pretty quiet Thanksgiving, all told. Just me, Best Guy, Mom, Brother and Sister-Out-Law. We ate a lot, laughed a lot, and had a lovely family day.

It gave us a lot to be grateful for, and on the way home we unfortunately had a lot more to be grateful for. This is what running into a deer at 55mph on the interstate at 7pm looks like.

Best Guy, Toby, and myself are all very much okay. Watching the deer scramble off the road on a broken leg and probable internal injuries was possibly the most heartbreaking and traumatic thing I've seen in a very long time, however.

This could have been a lot worse. The cars behind us could have been closer. We could have been going faster. We were able to get off the interstate and drive home.


After we got home, we started the process of submitting to insurance. Luckily, we have good insurance and you can do a lot online. O…


This evening, I am testing for my Purple Belt in Kempo Jujitsu. I am excited for it, and nervous. Far more nervous than I was for my yellow or my orange. I know what I need to know - as far as I know.

But I am nervous. Shaky nervous. Queasy nervous.

Because this important.

Yellow Belt just meant that I wasn't a newb anymore (thank god). Orange meant that maybe, just maybe, I might be okay at this.

But purple? Purple means I'm taking it seriously. Purple means dedication. Purple means expectations. Purple is the highest beginner rank in my dojo. When I test for my blue belt (note the use of "when") it means that I will move up into the intermediate class. Which is where - according to my Sensei - is where you learn "all the cool stuff you see in the movies."

Not that he has to sell me hard or anything.

I've been moving relatively quickly through the belts. Not fast tracked like another in my class who should by all rights be a brown belt (she transferred…

Spinning in Place

I've been feeling pretty low this week. It was a tough one for me career-wise. Although in the grand scheme of things it really wasn't that bad, it brought me low enough to consider it may be time to move from massage therapy.

On the one hand, I truly love what I do. On the other hand... I'm tired, yo.

It's a physically demanding job, and I came to it in my late 30's. I'm no longer able to keep up with a "full" massage schedule, and I'm past even trying. It's also an emotionally draining job. People come to you expecting you to make everything better. While I can certainly help, I am no magician. I'm tired of constantly being "on the hustle" for more clients, more money.


When I see someone wander out of my treatment room after a treatment and they have a dazed expression on their face and all they can say is "Woah," then I know I'm doing something right. That I'm where I need to be.

So... how can I be wh…

Getting Rid of Ugly Things

A couple weeks before we left for the UK, we (okay, I) met with some local tree management people. The crab apple tree in our front yard was looking mighty pathetic, and I made no secret about how much I detested the overgrown bushes along the front of the house.

We were mainly doing the meet for an estimate, figuring we'd have to get rid of things piecemeal due to cost. The tree was our main concern. Sure the bushes were ugly, but the tree was half-dead and looking more dead every day. We were concerned about wayward branches making their way through our living room window.
Turns out, not only could we afford to have it all removed, we could even afford the stump removal! So we engaged their services. They were booking in mid-October and we were going to be be gone until then anyway, so it worked out perfectly. Last Friday they swung by around 2pm, and by 3:30 our front yard looked like this:

I can't tell you how happy I am with our naked house! Now that the bushes are gone (…