Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Project 251: They Say it's Fall, But it isn't Fall

We have had some record-breaking heat here in Vermont the last few days. Today, the Burlington Electric Department is prepared to call it a "Peak Day" and is in full conservation mode. This is very unusual for late September. A lot of the trees which should be near to bursting with color (especially after the wet spring we had) are shedding dried up leaves that never bothered changing.

And they say global warming isn't a thing.

Still, it's warm in Vermont and I'm having a hard time complaining about it since Summer didn't start until practically July. Since winter generally lingers for six months in these parts, I'm in no hurry to get the process started.

Anyhoo, this weekend we had a rare one in which neither of us had anything planned so we decided to knock off a few 251 towns. For the first half of our adventure, Best Guy usually drove, I navigated, and we spent half the trip bickering over the fact that I'd rather look out the window than at the map, and he'd rather look at the map while he was driving.

Since the Prius is now my car, I've taken up driving on these trips and we're both much happier. He gets to look at the map all he wants and I just turn when he tells me. It's made for much less bickering all around and made the trips even more enjoyable, I think.

134: Brookfield. Our first stop of the day. There is a floating bridge here, and we drove over it (twice), and walked across it as well. There was a cute little park next to it, and this is where we took the picture. Fun fact, when I first started working for the academic publishing company I was at for seven years, they were located in Brookfield, and two of my three interviews were down there. Eventually they closed that office and re-located everything up to Burlington where the marketing department already lived.

135: Chelsea. One of my dear friends is from Chelsea. Though she lives in Florida now. Nice to visit your home town, A.P.!

136: Vershire. We were in a country store/hostel/library. Though they were closing, the let us come in and look around when we went to take a picture outside the building. Then while we were wandering around, they proceeded to bicker about their jobs like we weren't there. It was a little weird.

137: West Fairlee. This is the first time we had a truly bad experience in our adventures, and it completely marred this town for me. We stopped at a small store to see if they had a deli (they didn't), and while Best Guy was inside, I crossed the street with Toby to check out a small abandoned building. While I was distracted, a couple off-leash dogs snuck up on me and attacked Toby. Luckily Toby wasn't hurt and BG came out of the store in time to help us, but it took me a while to recover from that, and it kinda ruined the rest of the afternoon for me. 
138: Fairlee. By this time, I was getting hangry. Between the adrenaline rush and exit of the dog fight and me eating only a fruit smoothie six hours previously, things got dire. Luckily we found a cute little deli called the Lunch Box and got wraps. Then we found an even cuter ice cream shop called Whippi Dip and suddenly all was right with the world again. Oh, and this lake was pretty spectacular too. 

139: Thetford. Behind the police station/town hall, there was an old grave yard. Since I've been exploring my Williams side, I wanted to go check out the graves, but there was nary a Williams to be found. Although there were several other names that sounds familiar and there was probably a distant relative or two in residence.

140: Strafford. Yep. Not much there but this. 

141: Tunbridge. They have a "World's Fair" there every year, and we missed it by just a week. But this time we were both pretty knackered and just wanted to go home. It had been a long, hot, beautiful day and we all had a lot of fun.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

20 Days and Counting!

It's getting close. In just 20 days we will be taking off for ten days of awesomeness. We've got our itinerary pretty much set, we know (generally speaking) how we're going to get where, and when. The pet/house sitter is confirmed. My obsession with suitcases has proved fruitful as I've finally got what I think will meet our airline's ever-changing carry on requirements.
My mantra for the last three weeks: 21x14x9, wheels and handle included!

I probably went a little nuts here worrying about this, but you know the internet rabbit hole. You go online to find basic requirements, no biggie, the next thing you know you're reading articles about carry-on horror stories where passengers with a bag one inch larger than the requirements are forced to gate-check their bag for like $100.

I've flown for years. First for work, traveling all over the United States (including Alaska), and then for pleasure. I have gotten to the point where I am so jaded about the airline industry if I could get away with never flying again I would. It's not that I don't trust them to get me where I'm going, it's that I don't trust them to see me as a human being deserving of compassion, being told the truth, and having basic needs. I think many airline staff members are grossly underpaid for the job they do and the sheer number of people they are expected to come into contact with on a daily basis. Its no wonder customer service has gone out the window. Working in the airline industry must be like working a retail job one week before Christmas. Every day.


So now that I have my suitcase obsession assuaged, I get to go on to youtube and watch a ton of videos about how to pack a whole lot into a tiny space. We'll both have our personal items (a computer case for him, a largish bag for me) to put a few more things into, but it's going to get interesting. Best Guy is all "we'll just do laundry while we're over there" and I'm all "I'll be farking damned if I'm wasting three hours of my honeymoon in a British laundromat." One of us may have to acquiesce.

In other news, tomorrow is our 3rd Date-iversary. Three years ago tomorrow we met for our first date. It still boggles my mind that I have only known Best Guy for three years. Because it seems like we've always been together.
Taken about a month in to our relationship. Oy that punum. ❤

We've got plans to go out to dinner and enjoy the evening a little bit. After a couple weeks of distinctly fall weather, summer has come back for one last hurrah and we're all trying to enjoy it as much as possible.

Which reminds me, I need to get online and check out the weather forecasts for October in the UK.

Eyes on the prize... eyes on the prize.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Labor Day and All the Things

This past weekend was a busy one for us. Lots of comings and goings.

For me, it all started on Friday. Professionally, I incorporate Reiki/energy work into most of my treatments. I have been working with Reiki for the better part of seven years now. In the last year, I took my work with it to the next level by offering "Integrated Treatments" to my clients - something I couldn't officially do until I started my own practice. It is a highly intuitive session and I never know what I'm going to do until I'm in the middle of it.

After many years of toying around with the idea, this past weekend I finally received the final step of training and became a Reiki Master. This is a huge boost for me and receiving this training really felt...right. Like coming home. What does this mean? More tools in my energetic tool box, for one. A deepening connection to my intuition and a greater sense of the energy I'm working with. I am excited to start incorporating my newfound knowledge into my treatments.

On Saturday, Best Guy's band had a gig. It was pretty much a wash. (the venue was poorly organized and did not do a good job of drawing people in. Or even posting signs so people could find it out in the middle of nowhere. Or even have lighting, so they had to stop when the sun went down). However, it did give them the opportunity to play live before the big show in Wales next month. As they hadn't played out in over a year, and never with the new bassist, this needed to happen. And after the nerves dissipated, they sounded really good. 
Lookin' good, guys!

On Sunday, we had a couple things in the morning, but then we literally holed up under blankets for the rest of the day watching movies and eating junky food. It was awesome. We both needed some seriously downtime.

On Monday, I went up to my Mom's to borrow a suitcase, as we are now less than a month away from The Big Trip. While up there, we went to Wally World and I bought another suitcase that I thought would work. Silly me went by what the tab on the suitcase said, but now I think it might be a scoatch too big to meet the carry-on requirements. You guys, I am obsessing about suitcases right now. I have lost all faith in airlines as a general rule and I no longer expect them to be either reasonable or provide minimal levels of customer service. I will not be happy until we own 53 separate pieces of luggage, all of which are within one or two inches taller or shorter than each other.


See? Told you, obsessing.

Still, with Wales officially less than a month away it's time to start pulling things together and figure out how we're going to bring almost 2 weeks worth of clothes with us in such a small bag. I am determined to make it work, thus becoming Queen of Packing.

I may need to find other ways to occupy my brain.

Last Chance.

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