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Project 251: Short n' Sweet

Yesterday was supposed to be a rainy, good-for-nothing day. Especially in the afternoon. We all wanted to get out though, so we decided to do a few 251s and then have lunch with my brother and his Partner. We had six left in the "reasonably easy" reserve, and now there are only three. Everything else is going to start requiring long drives and possible overnight stays.

Going Back in Time

With our trip to Wales getting ever closer, we thought it might be cool to see if we could trace back some of my relatives to an actual place in the country. And if we could, to visit it.

When I was in college (oh, so long ago) one of my assignments for an Honors class was to trace my family history back. The teachers assumed there would be many first- and second-generation immigrants and thus would be easy to trace, interview, and report back on experiences. I think they were hoping for some meaty Ellis Island stories. Considering we were in Westchester County, NY, that wasn't an unreasonable assumption.

For about half of my classmates, that was indeed the case. The other half of us, well. We were throwing dates out like 1640, 1792, and I think one even confirmed coming over with the original pilgrim set.

My mother kept all of the work I did for this. This was pre-internet (yes, that existed and yes, I am dating myself), so these written histories were precious. They required eff…