Monday, July 31, 2017

Summer Time, and We're Inside Hiding from It

July 31st. We're into the meat of the summer and our plate is full of... boring stuff that does not involve swimming, trips to the beach, hiking, biking, ice cream, or anything that makes the most out of these precious few warm months.

I believe we are failing at summer.

We haven't even done as much garage saleing as we normally do. Both Best Guy and I have been filling most of our weekends up with various other engagements, and most of our money and vacation days are being saved up for our UK Honeymoon.

Oh, did I mention we're considering the overseas trip a honeymoon now? We are.


The first few days will be dedicated to the festival BG's band is playing in, but that ends Sunday and we're not leaving until the following Friday/Saturday. So the rest of the time is ours. We've got a loose plan sketched out that we'll finalize a bit as we get closer. But there will definitely be exploration of castles, henges, tors, and cliffs.

There was also this a couple weeks ago:

That's right, I've gone up another rank! Next up is Blue Belt, and from there a Purple Belt and a transition from beginner courses to intermediate. That's when things start getting serious.

My Dojo puts on a yearly "adult martial arts camp" the first weekend in August. A lot of people get promoted to new ranks in those three days (and you can watch all of the Black Belts do crazy things to earn their stripes). I want to go sooooo badly. But the cost would be better placed in our Honeymoon account so I'm sitting it out this year. To my insane disappointment. I could go up there an orange belt and come back a blue belt. Alas, I am telling myself  hiking up Glastonbury Tor is worth more than a weekend with sweaty, exhausted dojo-mates. Next Year.

Damn it.

But onwards and upwards. August has us heading back to the Northeast Kingdom for a family get-together. Labor Day weekend sees me being trained as a Reiki Master/Teacher. And October? Well. That's what we're heading towards, isn't it? It's all downhill from October.

At least until we can figure out the Next Big Thing. 😉

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