Monday, May 1, 2017

Ever Gratitude

Today is May 1st.

May is a big month for me. My birthday is in it, and so is my anniversary.

April was one hell of a month this year. We started it off with a vacation that we waited about two weeks too long to take. One that started off with a travel nightmare so large renting a car and just driving home was a legit consideration. One that included our basement flooding. The vacation itself was incredible and we were both thankful that we were able to enjoy it.

April also saw most of our house in various stages of discombobulation thanks to the renovation of the kitchen, the Woo Room, and the aforementioned water incursion.

With the incursion, renovation, vacation, and unforeseen car repair expenses, April also saw us saying good-bye to a lot of money.

So now it is May. We usher in the month with rain here. Thunder this morning, which is pretty rare for Vermont generally, and May specifically. We're both working our buns off to building the checking account back up. Renovations are mostly done. The kitchen is finished and we both adore it. It finally feels like ours.

The basement is in a holding pattern but one we're comfortable with. We've had no more water incidents and all the band instruments are back in their proper place. The only thing currently on hold is the Woo Room, as we're waiting until my wrist heals before I start painting again. All the kitchen painting did a number on it, and while it will be fine, working extra hours to build up the bank account means it takes that much longer to heal.

I have a 2-hour scrub/wrap/massage treatment scheduled for my birthday, and it can't come soon enough. We don't currently have plans for our first anniversary, but I know we'll do something to mark the occasion.

I know this post has an air of sadness about it, and I have been living in that cloud for the last couple weeks. I could get in to the woo of it (astrology, negative energy, blah blah blah) but I won't. I know a lot of people lately have been on edge and I'm not alone. It will change. It always changes.

Right now, as I'm typing this when I should get ready for work, I am grateful. My life has its challenges, but every life does. Mine are pretty minimal. I have an amazing husband that I love beyond measure, a wonderful home, my dream career, and a crazy dog who loves me even though he's embarrassed to let me know.

So here is May 1st. Welcome, and be grateful. I am

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