Monday, May 8, 2017

Close Enough!

Yesterday we called it: the Woo Room is officially done. Enough. It's done enough.

I put up a big fuss last week about desperately needing it back, so even though my wrist wasn't 100% I went ahead with the painting anyway. We nearly ran out of paint, and Best Guy needed to come in and finish the touch ups because I had some kind of weird break-down of combined exhaustion and stress. Painting almost made me cry. But then, I hear that's not uncommon.

Anyhoo, BG finished the touch-ups and cleaned the floor while I was at work on Saturday, and moved the larger pieces back in. On Sunday before work, I put the room to rights. Ahhhhhhh. So much better!

As you will see, there are still a couple of blank walls that need something on them, but that will come with time. For now, it's done enough for me to finally have a space to do some yoga again, which my body has been crying out for.
We painted it the same mid-tone gray we used as an accent color
in the Master bedroom. 

As you can see, we still need some artwork.

This is the wall that used to have the sliding door and two
random light switches in it. Crisp and clear and solid now!
Basically, I made sure to "finish" the sides I'd be looking at
the most. But I love how much cleaner and simpler it is now.
Taking all the private practice equipment out of the space
did a lot to clear it out.

Toby helping us put the room together. Such a good helper.

Now that the inside is done (excluding the basement which is another beast altogether that we're ignoring for now), we can finally take a breather and enjoy our home. We've lived here for two years as of this past weekend. Which is mind-boggling. When we were looking for a house, BG and I had only been living together for maybe a month or two. While "we" were house-hunting, it was very much his money buying the place and I was very humbled that he wanted my presence and opinions in this purchase. I was also keenly aware that this needed to work out between us because otherwise I was completely fucked home-wise and I'd have to move back in with my Mom if it didn't work out.

Hi Mom.

Hi Best Guy's Mom.

Luckily everything has worked out very, very, very well. Insert all the heart emoticons here.

Next up on Our House: Renovation Edition: the horrible bushes in the front yard and the hideous fuel tank in the back yard. Let's get rid of them!

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