Friday, April 14, 2017

Water Incursion

While we were on vacation, hard rains and the melting of 30 inches of snow meant our basement took on water. Because that's what's supposed to happen when you go on vacation.

Luckily, our house/pet sitter caught it fairly early on and with the help of one of Best Guy's band mates was able to keep the basement from actually flooding.

We've solved the biggest problem already: wet carpet. That was removed on Tuesday. We didn't realize there was padding underneath; once that's dry they will scrape that up for us too. The carpeting was at least 30 years old and the smell was horrible.

Sort of before. Some stuff had already been moved out (like the kick drum,
which sits directly on the floor.) The carpet here is soaked.

Pretty sure foamy goodness is not supposed to happen on a carpet.

Best Guy's foamy footprints on the carpet.

Halfway point. The humidifier is running in an attempt to
dry out the padding. Which is glued down like nobody's business.
This will probably get removed on Monday when the same guys
are here to install the kitchen floor.

For now, our plan is to leave the basement floor uncovered (save some carpet remnants courtesy of Best Guy's dumpster diving at a local carpet store). BG wants to have all the instruments moved back in to the basement for practice next week. We are also planning on investing in some mold resistant storage options. Moving forward, everything is going to be kept as off the ground as possible.

Unfortunately though, it has seriously bumped up our talk of renovations to the area. When we moved in, it was a very long term goal (like 5+ years out). Now, we're talking next year.

We had someone come in yesterday to give us suggestions and an estimate as to what it would cost to install a more efficient form of water management than what we currently have. Pricing was about what we expected, but with the added expense of semi-finishing the basement to bring it close to what it was, we are looking at $20k minimum if we do both the water management system and the finishing. Neither of us want to take a loan out right now, and we are unconvinced that we could make that money back upon resale, given how much houses generally go for in this area.

So, we are taking the time to consider our options.

In brighter news, the kitchen renovation is still moving forward. The floors will be installed on Monday. The drywall will go in on Wednesday. We're buying the paint this weekend and hope to get a good start on it then.

Things won't be completely finished in time for my Mom's birthday party on the 22nd, but they will be mostly done. And I can't wait to see the end result!

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