Monday, April 24, 2017

There's A Wall There.

The last couple of weeks have been chocked full of running around, things piled up in every corner except the corner they're supposed to be in, and general shenanigans.

But on the plus side of things, THE KITCHEN IS DONE. Over budget longer than we wanted, but that's how such things happen. If a renovation project ever ended early and under budget, the world as we know it would end.

Here are a few pictures of the finished product:

You get a nice idea of what the new floor looks like from here.
We love it! So glad we went with a darker finish.

A new seating area where the garbage and storage table
used to be. The table and chairs are outdoor models left over
from Best Guy's condo living days. Perfect here!

NO MORE DOOR! I may stop saying "there's a wall there"
in another week or so. Maybe.

Another shot of the seating area.
Some of the artwork may adjust a bit, but for the most part we are very happy with things as the are right now. The Woo Woo Room, however, is still a complete mess. I'm going to try to work on it for the next week or so, but we've been using it as a catch-all storage area for everything else and we need to empty it out so I can start work on the floor. Sigh. Maybe we'll just keep the door closed for the next six months.

This weekend we also had a birthday party for my Mom, who turned 70. We put the final coat of paint on the new wall at 7am the day of the party. The picture went up about an hour before Mom arrived. But we got everything done, and everyone had a good time and loved the food. Even Toby, who managed to get in to some chocolate cupcakes while we were at the show I was performing at that night. Whoops. He is fine. Had a couple interesting poops but no damage otherwise. Except to us. We were looking forward to those cupcakes.

A parting shot of the show I performed at Saturday night. We once again collaborated with another dance group. They started the piece, we had a little middle together, then we went on with our piece. It was very well received and raved about. We love working with these ladies, and can't wait to do so again.
The priestesses calling the wolves. The Accaliae and Leanan Sidhe
Photo courtesy of Steven Mease Photography

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