Thursday, March 9, 2017

Just call me Xena, Warrior Princess

Back in December I signed up for Kempo Jujitsu classes at a dojo five minutes from my house. I had been wanting to take Martial Arts classes for years, but every time I explored the idea, the dojo I favored either didn't have the times/classes that would work for me or the price was too high. Well, back in December all of the stars aligned and I found a great place that ticked all my boxes.

My Type A perfectionist immediately took to learning the new Forms and Techniques and I was determined to make the most of my time and money. I was having fun, but was also taking this seriously. I was there to learn.

Last night, all of my hard work paid off:
Gi's are the ultimate in boxy, unflattering gym wear. 

Not only am I no longer the newest noob in the class, I have been promoted to a Yellow Belt. Now, I have all new Forms and Technique to learn, and something new to work toward: an Orange Belt.

These classes have proven to me that I am strong and capable. They have shown me that I am, in fact, a Mighty Girl. More, I am a warrior.

I can and will stand for myself. I can and will stand for others.

I will Stand. I will be Mighty.

Unless you're a black belt. Then I'll just get out of your way.

For now.

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