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It's Official...ish

When we first looked at Toby on the Humane Society website, he was described as a mixed breed. When we got his papers, he was more specifically described as a Beagle mix. After our beloved Buddy moved on the Celestial Rabbit Field, Best Guy always maintained that he would never have another beagle.

Flash forward to now when we're already talking about adopting a beagle puppy when Toby joins Buddy. In like.... years.

hashtag beagles furever


Ever since we got Toby, we've been trying to figure out what his other half is. We've tossed around idea after idea: Corgi, Collie, German Shepherd... we just didn't know.

A couple weeks ago during a potluck dinner at our place, someone floated the idea of a beagle/golden retriever mix. It kinda wandered through my brain, but I moved on to other things like worrying needlessly about, well, any number of things.

This morning my brain fog cleared and there were two ideas floating in my head: it's either a german shepherd or …

It's Renovation Time!

We've been in this home for going on two years now. The previous owners were house proud and loved keeping their home nice and neat, so we haven't really had to do much to the space save paint. Oh, and rip out a closet that wasn't original to the space. They obviously spent some time and money bringing their home up to date when they put it on the market. So we were spared the hassle of having to rip out 30 year old carpeting or spending a small fortune updating a bathroom and kitchen from 1979.
However, that doesn't mean we haven't found things to do. 
Since the day we moved in, I have been talking about closing up the wall between the kitchen and third bedroom. There is a sliding door there, and the previous owners would cut through there to get to the bathroom/bedrooms. We know this because we have it on good authority that she wouldn't allow anyone in the living room. 
The door has always bothered me, because who the hell wants two-door access to their bedr…

Just Another March Wednesday in Vermont

There is just over two feet of snow in Burlington Vermont this morning. It finally stopped snowing around 11:30 in the morning, and we've mostly cleared the driveway out.

Have I mentioned how much I loathe winter?

I really loathe winter.

Just call me Xena, Warrior Princess

Back in December I signed up for Kempo Jujitsu classes at a dojo five minutes from my house. I had been wanting to take Martial Arts classes for years, but every time I explored the idea, the dojo I favored either didn't have the times/classes that would work for me or the price was too high. Well, back in December all of the stars aligned and I found a great place that ticked all my boxes.

My Type A perfectionist immediately took to learning the new Forms and Techniques and I was determined to make the most of my time and money. I was having fun, but was also taking this seriously. I was there to learn.

Last night, all of my hard work paid off:

Not only am I no longer the newest noob in the class, I have been promoted to a Yellow Belt. Now, I have all new Forms and Technique to learn, and something new to work toward: an Orange Belt.

These classes have proven to me that I am strong and capable. They have shown me that I am, in fact, a Mighty Girl. More, I am a warrior.

I can and w…

It's Official... Everyone in the Neighborhood Hates Us

I believe I have mentioned in the past that Toby is highly reactive when it comes to other dogs. Well, he seems to have a vendetta going against another dog a couple of houses down, on the corner of our street. They both go ape-shit when they see each other. Unfortunately, the other dog is never leashed in his own back yard and can jump the fence. Which he has done before when seeing Toby. We usually walk Toby on the far side of the street to avoid confrontation and most days it works. Sometimes, however, we fail to notice they are out in the back yard, and it gets interesting.

Anyway, Best Guy got a bit of an earful from Dog Mom on Toby's walk this morning. It was a little passive-aggressive and coming from a place of fear, but she still got her point across.

No one likes your dog, and you are bad dog parents. If you moved next week, everyone on the block would be very happy about it.

I think I've mentioned before I get that vibe a lot when Toby is around others, but for Best…