Saturday, February 4, 2017

We've Made it to February. Go, Us!

I have been struggling a lot lately. Struggling with the energy that is surrounding us these days. So much anger, fear, desperation. So many different voices struggling to be heard.

This past week, I went to see an acupuncturist colleague to help dispel some of these anxiety feelings, and she said that there is definitely a communal... blah... energy these days and I'm not the only one picking up on it.

I felt much better after the treatment, but the feelings are back. Which makes sense. The treatment was like trying to use an umbrella to take a walk in a hurricane. 

I am struggling to maintain. 

This time of year does not make it easy, either. Groundhog's Day was the other day and everyone was all "oh, poo. Six more weeks of winter!" Obviously they don't live in Vermont because if we had only six more weeks left, I'd be thrilled! The cold gets to me, a little more every year. 
Although with sun rises like this, I guess things could be worse.
But let me tell you, when it's this clear and sunny, it's cold

But there are things to be grateful for, even as we come to the middle of the cold season. We signed up for our Spring CSA this week. We have been loving getting a weekly delivery of seasonal vegetables and a few locally made pantry items. It has really challenged me to use vegetables I don't normally purchase (or really like, in a few cases). I may even have found a way to use beets. The vegetable I quite possibly hate more than any other vegetable. I'm just gonna say beet chips.
Our CSA haul Christmas week. Our "pantry staples" add-on is different
every week. That week, there was honey, a wheel of cheese and bread.
That local, artisinal cheese is like $20 and we'd have never bought it otherwise.

We have also been discussing possible trips, as both Best Guy and I are feeling house-bound these days. Toby is a horrific traveler, and he's terrified of kennels. It leaves us feeling stuck more times than not because his behavior precludes us from leaving him with friends or family. In fact, there was a brief period where I had come to the conclusion that in order for BG to play at an overseas festival this year, I'd have to stay home with the T-Dawg. I was heartbroken at that thought.

It's a good thing he's cute.

In a last ditch effort to prevent this from happening, I put out a call on Facebook for recommendations. A former colleague and friend of mine got in touch and let us know that she housesits/petsits from time to time and has experience with.... Special... dogs. We were elated!

One of our biggest worries was inviting someone we didn't know into our house to stay for days on end. We are having her to dinner tomorrow evening so she can meet Toby, and we are in the beginning stages of planning an overnight trip as a test run. If all goes well, we are hoping to do a week-long trip in the actual Spring, to visit Adam's friends and family down the Eastern seaboard. And if that goes well, European Tour! 

Tonight, my dance troupe will be performing at a local Dance Showcase, which is also a benefit for a small non-profit that works towards educating kids about bullying, abuse, diversity, etc etc. It's always an amazing show and we have such fun participating. 

In the meantime, I shall be bundling up and thinking of warmer days.
August in Vermont. My heart calls out to you.

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