Monday, February 27, 2017

Project 251: Because We Were Bored Edition

Yesterday (Sunday) we started Best Guy's birthday festivities a little early. His actual birthday is today, but since we are both working, we decided to make it a 2-affair.

His first request was Indian Brunch Buffet. We had never been together before and he was craving, so we went. The intensity at which Best Guy went after the food was such that 1) I kept my arms at my side lest I lose a finger or hand and 2) had me realizing we should do this a little more often.
His second plate, my first (and only). He was halfway through his first plate
when I sat down to eat mine. I underestimated his love of Indian brunch buffet.
That is not a mistake I'll repeat.

Halfway through the second plate Best Guy looked up and I saw that my husband had returned to me and we could continue on the day normally. We decided that since we had a few hours, we might as well tick off a few towns that we had been saving. Mainly, the towns that we live in or otherwise go to several times a week. But neither of us felt like driving very far and we needed something to do, so... here you are. These towns are so familiar to us that BG didn't even bother to caption them.
97: Shelburne. Taken at the Shelburne Museum. A gorgeous outside museum
(most of the outdoor exhibits are closed this time of year). I've been here dozens
of times and most VT school kids get at least one field trip here.
98: South Burlington. Surprisingly difficult because to find a sign because
this town is a mix of box stores and suburban neighborhoods. Still, if
you need to come to Trader Joe's or Barnes and Nobles, this is your stop.

99: Winooski. Or the 'Noosk, as many people call it here. The river behind us
(called the Winooski River) was crazy flowing. All the recent melt-offs had
it creating some serious rapids.

100: BURLINGTON! Our home town. Behind us is the ECHO Lake Center
and Lake Champlain. Couldn't think of a better way to celebrate 100 towns visited.
After this we high-tailed it home because that wind was farking freezing.

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