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Project 251: Because We Were Bored Edition

Yesterday (Sunday) we started Best Guy's birthday festivities a little early. His actual birthday is today, but since we are both working, we decided to make it a 2-affair.

His first request was Indian Brunch Buffet. We had never been together before and he was craving, so we went. The intensity at which Best Guy went after the food was such that 1) I kept my arms at my side lest I lose a finger or hand and 2) had me realizing we should do this a little more often.

Halfway through the second plate Best Guy looked up and I saw that my husband had returned to me and we could continue on the day normally. We decided that since we had a few hours, we might as well tick off a few towns that we had been saving. Mainly, the towns that we live in or otherwise go to several times a week. But neither of us felt like driving very far and we needed something to do, so... here you are. These towns are so familiar to us that BG didn't even bother to caption them.

The Thing *After* the Thing that Scares You the Most

This morning, Facebook kindly shared a memory from a year ago: I sent in my paperwork to become an LLC.

I have been in private practice for almost a solid year now. WOW.

While it feels sometimes like I haven't done much and I'm not getting far, that is not the truth. I turned a profit within my first nine months. Granted it was a small one, but for a one-year old business, that pretty damned good. I am lucky in that my overhead for my chosen field is pretty minimal. It helps turn a profit that much faster. I am also so lucky and grateful for a spouse who is 100% supportive in this endeavor. I quite honestly would never have taken this leap without him.

I find it ironic - and perhaps apropos - that after just one year in private practice, I am already looking for the Next Thing. While my private practice is just growing its first teeth, my massage therapy career is seven years old and already in second grade. As much as I love massage therapy and energy work, I am now on the lo…

Finally, Hope

Last night Best Guy and I went out for dinner. Normally, this is not a big deal. Or any kind of deal. However, last night we left for an hour, and left Toby alone with another person.

That's right, we got Toby a babysitter.

In actuality, this is a friend/colleague of mine who also does pet/house sitting. This dinner out was a trial run to see how Toby would react to being left alone with someone who wasn't us. If this went well, we could see our way towards a week-long trip and eventually our Big Trip to Wales this October.

We provided her with plenty of cut-up hot dogs (which ended up being Toby's dinner) and hooked Toby up on an in-house lead we have set up for those times he needs a little reigning in. We showed her the limits of where he could go with the leash, and then left and hoped for the best.

Just like a nervous new mom going out after having her first baby, I kept my phone handy for the entire 55 minutes we were gone, and checked it obsessively. At one point I …

Cabin Fever

We're in the beginning stages of a proper snow storm up here in Vermont. We haven't had too many of them in my neck of the woods the last couple of years, so we have lucked out.

Since my one client of the day cancelled, I am using this opportunity to catch up on some paperwork. So... y'know... Facebook and blog writing to not do it.

Originally, we had plans to go out to dinner tonight, with our petsitting friend coming over for a couple hours, just to see how it would go. We haven't cancelled our reservations or our friend yet, but it's looking more and more likely given the rate at which the snow was coming down.

We will reschedule of course; it's no big deal. But I was looking forward to it. Just as I was looking forward to a romantic weekend away that may not happen for a good long while, or our trip down to visit relatives. The former has been put off until most likely mid-March (if that), and if we get to visit our relatives in late April, it would be a mi…

We've Made it to February. Go, Us!

I have been struggling a lot lately. Struggling with the energy that is surrounding us these days. So much anger, fear, desperation. So many different voices struggling to be heard.

This past week, I went to see an acupuncturist colleague to help dispel some of these anxiety feelings, and she said that there is definitely a communal... blah... energy these days and I'm not the only one picking up on it.
I felt much better after the treatment, but the feelings are back. Which makes sense. The treatment was like trying to use an umbrella to take a walk in a hurricane. 
I am struggling to maintain. 
This time of year does not make it easy, either. Groundhog's Day was the other day and everyone was all "oh, poo. Six more weeks of winter!" Obviously they don't live in Vermont because if we had only six more weeks left, I'd be thrilled! The cold gets to me, a little more every year. 
But there are things to be grateful for, even as we come to the middle of the cold…