Sunday, January 1, 2017

Project 251: New Year's Eve Edition

With a three-day weekend looming for both of us, we decided to take off and drive around the state. We had to plan a little more carefully than usual, as some of the cross-mountain passes are either treacherous this time of year or simply not open. We tried and technically succeeded in visiting six towns, but only took pictures in four, so we'll have to go back to a couple of them later in the year. Toby did pretty well, and we are grateful for Xanax to taking his whining down to a much more tolerable level.

93: Panton. I can't get over the weird auras around all of us. All the pics
we took here were like this, and no filters were used. Crazy!

94: Addison. Breezy!

95: Weybridge. The sign says "God is still listening." Generally,
if you see us doing something goofy like this, it's usually Best Guy's idea. 

96: Bridport. Yes, spelled like that. Apparently the historical society
was established the same year I was... 1974. Please don't do the math.

We're keeping a little visual of all the towns we've visited so far.
That black bit up in the corner is not considered part of 251, as it is a gorge
and thus literally nothing more than a gigantic hole in the ground. As you can see,
we still have quite a way to go!

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