Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January isn't for the Faint-Hearted

The last few weeks have been very sad. It would seem death abounds. In addition to losing our second kitty just a week ago, it seems that our neighbor died around the same time, and one of my colleagues rushed home (out of state) to say final farewells to a dear uncle. 

January can be a tough time regardless. The hustle and bustle, lights and merriment of December are past us; the weather can often be gray, cold, and miserable. It can be difficult to remember that the Earth keeps on spinning, that warmth will return, that life will continue.

We had some proper winter weather overnight, with snow and ice. Many schools closed for the day, and people stayed home. 

So, while I'm doing my best not to grumble at having to shovel heavy, wet snow out of a driveway I've already shoveled (thank you snowplow), today I look for the gratitudes.

I am grateful for a goofy dog who loves to play in the snow.
This goober will stick his snout in the snow to follow a scent,
and then make little plow tracks as he shuffles along. My heart.

I am grateful the snow plow came and made our roads safe to travel.

I am grateful for my wonderful workplace, with incredible colleagues and a welcoming energy.

I am grateful for random hot chocolate dates with my husband in the middle of the day.

I am grateful for the often harsh, cold beauty that can be found after a storm.
The tree outside my office. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017


One month and four days later, we have lost our darling Bauer.

Admittedly, this one snuck up on us. We've been watching him since the passing of his sister, and while he seemed a little lonely he was in robust health so far as we could tell.

However, he stopped eating either Thursday or Friday and slid downhill very quickly. We took him to the Vets last night, where he was given some antibiotics, fluids and an appetite stimulant. We had hoped that what was looking like a cold would turn around quickly.

However, overnight he all but lost the use of his rear legs. He stopped drinking water around 2:30 am (lucky me had a coughing fit around that time, so I was awake for his last drink). He spent this morning staggering around painfully and crying. We made an emergency call to the Vet, and made the call.

We don't know exactly what the problem was, and unfortunately anything that would have told us would have been far too invasive and traumatizing for an 18-year old kitty.

We miss him. He was a love monkey, a friend to all, and very willing to tell you all about his nap and how awesome those four hours were.

Our big house is down to just one fur-baby now, and seems much too big, and much too quiet.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Project 251: New Year's Eve Edition

With a three-day weekend looming for both of us, we decided to take off and drive around the state. We had to plan a little more carefully than usual, as some of the cross-mountain passes are either treacherous this time of year or simply not open. We tried and technically succeeded in visiting six towns, but only took pictures in four, so we'll have to go back to a couple of them later in the year. Toby did pretty well, and we are grateful for Xanax to taking his whining down to a much more tolerable level.

93: Panton. I can't get over the weird auras around all of us. All the pics
we took here were like this, and no filters were used. Crazy!

94: Addison. Breezy!

95: Weybridge. The sign says "God is still listening." Generally,
if you see us doing something goofy like this, it's usually Best Guy's idea. 

96: Bridport. Yes, spelled like that. Apparently the historical society
was established the same year I was... 1974. Please don't do the math.

We're keeping a little visual of all the towns we've visited so far.
That black bit up in the corner is not considered part of 251, as it is a gorge
and thus literally nothing more than a gigantic hole in the ground. As you can see,
we still have quite a way to go!

Better Kate Than Never

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