Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Year in Review

I think all of us can agree that, one way or the other, 2016 was one hell of a year. For all of the turmoil that bubbled this year, I hope each and every one of you found some joy. Because what is life without joy?

I was neck deep in work, a terrible cold that would not go away, and wedding planning. This was the month when, in a last-ditch desperate attempt to kick a cold that nearly sent me to urgent care, I tried oregano essential oil. I locked myself in a small room for an hour with two diffusers going. I did this for two days running, and four days later I was demonstrably better. My life has forever changed and I will never be without oregano EO ever again.
New Year's Eve: Champagne and Doctor Who

Early on in the month, Best Guy and I got out of dodge and had a lovely weekend retreat in Montpelier, about an hour south of us, and then did some 251 towns. I also officially became an LLC, thus doing the one thing that really freakin' scared the crap out of me.
My logo, thanks to Best Guy Graphic Designs

We took a quickie trip to Florida, where I got to meet our Best Man, his lovely lady, and Best Guy's Mom (hi, Mom #2!). There was also another 251 trip and a purchasing of the Mother of the Bride's outfit. We officially reached 60 days out and applied for our wedding license.
There are already talks for a 2017 Florida visit. I cannot wait!

Some more 251, and we officially put the death nail in the Moratorium on Major Life Changes by deciding I should quit my spa job and focus on my business and adopting a dog. Little did we know what an exciting journey Toby would be.
Little did we know that this would be the last time Toby was happy to be in a car.


My troupe Leanan Sidhe performed at the Vermont Ren Faire. It was beyond hot and so much fun. It was VT's first Ren Faire in at least 10 years, and they were already talking 2017 by the time we hit the second morning. We are already booked for summer 2017's faire, in addition to the one day winter faire they will be doing in March.

We did a lot of 251, and we spent a weekend in New Hampshire while Best Guy played a couple gigs with his band. We took a quickie trip to York, ME to visit his cousins and got some ocean time. I attempted to take a break from Facebook because of all the politics and partially succeeded.
York, ME. I loves me these beaches.

It was a pretty stressful month, I'm not going to lie. This is when we first got the news the Beck the Cat probably had a month or two left. This is also when some serious drama went down in regards to Best Guy's band. Luckily, by the end of the month the latter had dissipated, the former was still going strong. This is also the month where Toby the Dog got his Prozac. Praise Cheesus.
If I can't have an ocean, I'll take a lake any day.

My business saw its best month to date, and it is also the month where I started the motions toward changing office spaces. We did a 251 trip, saw the Prozac finally start taking effect, and worried about the huge growth on Beck's chin.
#85: Peacham

I officially started at my new office space. My dance troupe had a very busy performance month, which left us pretty exhausted. Beck's abcess popped, which was disgusting but then she perked right back up like nothing was wrong. And we squeezed a 251 in there as well.
Just a typical October Friday night...

Can we erase this month from our collective memories, please?

It's not quite over yet, but this is the month where I started my Kempo classes. I have also embraced Christmas as a home-owner and have been going a little nuts with the decorating (I already have plans for 2017). We also said good-bye to our dear Beck. They said two months and we got five. And she has been seen wandering around the house out of the corner of my eye, so she's not entirely gone. 
Beck and Bauer in healthier times.

As this cycle around the sun draws to a close, I hope each and every one of you has found some happiness, peace, love and prosperity. And I hope for all of you more even more of all of them in 2017.

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