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Princess Leia, One with the Force

I hadn't planned on writing anything else until the New Year, but with the death of Carrie Fisher I guess there is a little more left in me.

Those of you who know me know that I am a Star Wars geek. I have been obsessed with it literally all of my life. By the time the third one (and by that I mean Return of the Jedi) came out, I was old enough to go to the theaters to see it with my friends. And I did. Twice. And I bought the soundtrack record. Literally, the sound track to the movie. It had the nearly complete script on the record. To this day, I can not only say the entire movie word for word, I can tell you when to flip the record over.

When I was growing up Star Wars (known now as A New Hope, but back then you could just say Star Wars and everyone knew you meant the first one) was on television at least once a year, and I always cajoled my parents into letting me stay up and watch it.

Star Wars captured my imagination like nothing has ever been able to do, before or since. I c…

A Year in Review

I think all of us can agree that, one way or the other, 2016 was one hell of a year. For all of the turmoil that bubbled this year, I hope each and every one of you found some joy. Because what is life without joy?
January I was neck deep in work, a terrible cold that would not go away, and wedding planning. This was the month when, in a last-ditch desperate attempt to kick a cold that nearly sent me to urgent care, I tried oregano essential oil. I locked myself in a small room for an hour with two diffusers going. I did this for two days running, and four days later I was demonstrably better. My life has forever changed and I will never be without oregano EO ever again.
February Early on in the month, Best Guy and I got out of dodge and had a lovely weekend retreat in Montpelier, about an hour south of us, and then did some 251 towns. I also officially became an LLC, thus doing the one thing that really freakin' scared the crap out of me.
March We took a quickie trip to Florida, whe…


Yesterday we said good-bye to Beck the Cat. We had her for much longer than we could have hoped, but in the last week or so she started deteriorating significantly. To the point where, on Tuesday morning, we made the call.

There is a local cat vet who will make house calls. We (well, Best Guy) has used him for years as both Beck and Bauer do not travel well, and the carriers are highly traumatic for them both. Yesterday morning, he came to the house, and released Beck of her broken body.

Bauer, her litter mate and never apart from her for 18 years, was our greatest concern. We didn't know how he would be without her. So far, he seems just fine. He has been distancing himself from her for about a month now, preferring to spend his time with us. We think he said good-bye a while ago.

We spent most of Tuesday confirming to each other that we made the right call. When the Vet got here yesterday, he picked her up and immediately said "smells like kidney failure." So, in addit…

In the Still

This morning, we woke up to fresh snow. As Toby the Dog and I set out on our morning rounds, it was still quiet. It would seem everyone else in the neighborhood decided either on a late start to the day, or to not start it at all.

As we trudged through the snow in the gray morning, the season hit me. Not Christmas; that season is glitz and glitter and show and Look at Me. But rather, something older, quieter, heavier.

The season of darkness.

The season of going inward, the quiet hush when nothing grows. The heaviness of many blankets keeping you warm and covered while the cold holds court. The pops of color berries and Cardinals bring to remind you that deep - very deep - within, there are embers waiting to come alive.

All to often, we use the busyness of Christmas to distract us from the realities of this time of year. It's meant to be a quiet, cozy, burrowed-in time of year. However, when you spend too much time alone with yourself and your thoughts, you start having to face thi…

The World Keeps Spinning, Regardless of What We Do

This is the post where I start transitioning back to more mundane things. 
Or maybe not.
Thanksgiving was interesting this year. We once again had it Mom's place. The food was tasty and I ate a little more than I probably should have, but that's what harvest celebrations are for. We brought Toby with us and he performed admirably, despite being miserable about the car ride.
An interesting conversation that quickly escalated into unnecessary drama was provided, because what is a holiday without a little drama?
I do find it fascinating that even as many of us are finding our voices and speaking up, many more people are still falling through the cracks. There is still a dichotomy from the haves and have-nots on both sides of the political spectrum, and the haves are still not listening. They are making the right noises for change, but what they are seeking still does not benefit those without a financial voice. As much as change needs to happen from the top down, it also needs to…