Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Yes.... I am, in Fact, Judging You

I never thought I would be using this space to chronicle my thoughts and feelings regarding the state of the Nation. I have always steared very clear of politics; I never found it of interest or relevence to my every day life, and have a tendency to approach the whole thing with a state of mind that would make Fox Mulder proud.

But these days, it is so very hard to not be engaged on some level. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with people rallying to make their voices heard, and stories about hate crimes.

I am so sad.

It saddens me that so many are seeing this election as permission to finally let all of their hate spew out in the open, unapologetically and proudly. That there is still so much hate out there at all. That people cannot see each other as human beings, with the same needs and desires of every human being.

It saddens me even more that the one person who could and should be saying "hey people, not okay. This isn't what I meant!" isn't saying a damned thing.

Because it is what he meant.

I have been doing my best to approach things from a non-judgemental place and to move beyond what happened to create a better place. But it is getting increasingly difficult.

I have posted this Metta Prayer image before in times of hurt and strife. I do truly wish it and want it for all. This is last part of a longer prayer that starts out wishing all this for one's self, one you love, a stranger, and one who causes strife. You end by extending these blessings out to all beings everywhere.

I am finding it very hard to extend these postive, lovingkindess feelings to those I know didn't intend for this wave of hate to sweep over this Nation when they cast their vote. I am trying to hold in my mind and heart that they were hoping for change and better opportunities.

However, these days I am finding this one to fit my mood a little more:

There cannot be anymore dismissals of racist, mysoginist, generally assholey jokes and conversations.

Because they aren't joking.

It is time to call people on what they are saying and doing. Or worse, their silence in the face of hate. It is time to stand up and say this is not okay.

And while I am trying desperately to accept and move on from the choices some of my friends have made - people I love and respect very much - I can't help but look at them and ask: Is this what you meant to happen? Are you okay with this?

Because you shouldn't be.

You should be speaking up against it too.

And if you aren't, you should be taking a very hard look in the mirror.

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