Wednesday, November 16, 2016

One Week Later.

Some voices have gotten louder, some softer. Some, oddly silent.

Some have discovered civil disobedience. Being vocal and visible have become their callings, and they are embracing it.

Others have gone very deeply inward. We struggle to know what our place in this is. We know there is a place for us, but big and loud goes against every fiber of existence.

Where do we fit in? How can we make a difference?

The thing to remember is that even little, quiet, small things can and do make a difference. Don't let the loud and passionate dissuade you from this. Those who can embrace the outward can sometimes forget to see that small change is equally effective. However, the movement has to be there. One cannot simply sit there and think about it without action (which can be the downside to being inward; we forget to move!). 

Figure out what your change can be. What is something you can reasonably do? Maybe it is going to marches. Maybe it is calling elected officials offices and voicing your opinion. Maybe it is making donations to Planned Parenthood in the name of someone looking to take away women's rights. 

Perhaps what you can do is larger. Or smaller. It doesn't matter. That it is something you can offer up with confidence (even shaky) and good intent is what is important. 

What am I doing? Still figuring it out. I am looking seriously into taking some martial arts classes. Not only do I want to be able to defend myself, I want to be able to stand up for others who may need it. 

I am also more determined then ever to figure out how to garden. Not only so I can keep my family healthy, but so I can share the bounty with others who may find themselves in need. 

I am also finding myself holding a safe space for those who come to my practice. There, they can vent, they can release, they can process. They are accepted as they are in the moment, no judgement.

Once again, it goes back to Community. We stand up for each other, we surround each other, we nuture each other. Each one brings a different talent to the group, and each talent supports the whole.

This is something we can do.

Many people made choices out of anger and fear and hope for something different. They made choices protesting a broken system. Many were either unaware or simply ignorant of the massive pain, frustration, and dissatisfaction of others and continued on, happy in the bubbles. Far too many decided that overlooking a few things to get their way would be preferable to the alternative.

The bubble has burst, and has laid bare what has been under the surface for far longer than any of us care to admit. And looking at the boiling mess is fucking painful. We all thought we'd come so far. We wanted to believe we fought the good fight and were moving forward. Women's rights? Check. Civil Rights? Check. 

We were wrong.

The fight begins now.

I don't care if you wear a safety pin or link arms in Washington, DC. You know someone who will be directly affected by the changing winds. 

Be the community they need.

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