Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Here we are.... November 1st. It's been a hell of a year for everyone, both good and bad. In 2016, I find myself in a place I never thought I'd be: a married owner of a private practice. I know many others have struggled this past year and frankly can't wait for December 31, 2016 to go the way of the DoDo.

I thought now would be a very good time to take a moment and reflect upon my many gratitudes.

1. Always first on my list.... Best Guy. My poor tiny human heart cannot adequately hold nor can my words express how very grateful I am for this man.

2. Beck the Cat is still with us. She's still eating.... a little. She's still drinking... a little. She's still vocal... a little. She still cuddles.... a little. She wasn't supposed to make it to Halloween, yet here we are. I am continually grateful for every stinky cuddle she is still willing to participate in

3. Moving my private practice to its new location. Not only am I surrounded by other incredible practitioners willing to trade (I just had my first acupuncture treatment... highly recommend!), I've been able to increase my availability, visibility, and reach. I've only been there three weeks and already my practice is increasing exponentially. I am excited for the future.

4. My dance sisters. I love them dearly and I am always excited to create and converse with these magickal ladies. They make me want to explore and improve myself and my abilities and they lift me up in a way that is humbling.

5. My wonderful family. My family size shrunk so dramatically in the 00's, but I find that it is slowly creeping back again. I have a brother in law, a nephew, parents-in-laws, brothers from other mothers, sister out laws, and friends of cousins being "adopted" into the family. All this in addition to my family family.

This is just a short list. My blessing are long. I am grateful.

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