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Yes.... I am, in Fact, Judging You

I never thought I would be using this space to chronicle my thoughts and feelings regarding the state of the Nation. I have always steared very clear of politics; I never found it of interest or relevence to my every day life, and have a tendency to approach the whole thing with a state of mind that would make Fox Mulder proud.

But these days, it is so very hard to not be engaged on some level. My Facebook newsfeed is filled with people rallying to make their voices heard, and stories about hate crimes.

I am so sad.

It saddens me that so many are seeing this election as permission to finally let all of their hate spew out in the open, unapologetically and proudly. That there is still so much hate out there at all. That people cannot see each other as human beings, with the same needs and desires of every human being.

It saddens me even more that the one person who could and should be saying "hey people, not okay. This isn't what I meant!" isn't saying a damned thing.

One Week Later.

Some voices have gotten louder, some softer. Some, oddly silent.
Some have discovered civil disobedience. Being vocal and visible have become their callings, and they are embracing it.
Others have gone very deeply inward. We struggle to know what our place in this is. We know there is a place for us, but big and loud goes against every fiber of existence.
Where do we fit in? How can we make a difference?
The thing to remember is that even little, quiet, small things can and do make a difference. Don't let the loud and passionate dissuade you from this. Those who can embrace the outward can sometimes forget to see that small change is equally effective. However, the movement has to be there. One cannot simply sit there and think about it without action (which can be the downside to being inward; we forget to move!). 
Figure out what your change can be. What is something you can reasonably do? Maybe it is going to marches. Maybe it is calling elected officials offices and voicing y…

Community. Now, More Than Ever.

I have a lot of thoughts swirling around my brain this morning.

Let me preface by saying I have come down with a cold, so last night I took some Nyquil and thankfully slept through pretty much everything. I do recall Best Guy coming in at one point, sitting on my side of the bed and saying "He took Florida and Ohio. Ohio!" But honestly, it's a bit of a blur.

My Facebook feed has been interesting. It is full of fear and anger, from all sides. There are voices, however, coming through loud and clear that say "what is the next step?"

Those are the voices I'm longing to hear.

Those are the voices that are saying "Ok, here's what we've got to work with. What can we do?"

They are saying "We see and hear what has been said in anger and fear. People have asked for a change catalyst, and they've gotten it. What can we do to ensure that this change benefits us as a Nation?"

I keep coming back to the idea of Community. Now, more than ev…


Here we are.... November 1st. It's been a hell of a year for everyone, both good and bad. In 2016, I find myself in a place I never thought I'd be: a married owner of a private practice. I know many others have struggled this past year and frankly can't wait for December 31, 2016 to go the way of the DoDo.

I thought now would be a very good time to take a moment and reflect upon my many gratitudes.

1. Always first on my list.... Best Guy. My poor tiny human heart cannot adequately hold nor can my words express how very grateful I am for this man.

2. Beck the Cat is still with us. She's still eating.... a little. She's still drinking... a little. She's still vocal... a little. She still cuddles.... a little. She wasn't supposed to make it to Halloween, yet here we are. I am continually grateful for every stinky cuddle she is still willing to participate in

3. Moving my private practice to its new location. Not only am I surrounded by other incredible practition…