Monday, October 3, 2016

Raising Demons and Ghostacular Massage

Saturday was a busy one for me. During the day, I attended the 3rd Annual Ghostacular Paracon as a practitioner. As one of only two body/energy workers there, I was busy all day long and the event was a great success for my practice.
Here I am, working on someone's leg. I started around 10am and it
was 3pm before it slowed down enough for me to take a break.

Later that same night, my dance troupe performed at the annual Art of Horror exhibit opening. It was... incredible. Best Guy was one of the two musicians and it was amazing being able to (finally) collaborate with him. I'm attempting to attach the video here. It's pretty dark but if you squint you can mostly make it out.

I tell you.... I am not as young as I used to be. These kind of days take a while for me to recover. Considering how sore I am after this performance, it also makes me realize how very out of shape I am. Time to get cracking on some kind of exercise regimen!

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