Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Project 251: Indigenous Peoples' Day

For the last few years, Vermont's Governor has renamed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. Because Columbus was a douche and didn't actually discover anything. Just killed a whole lot of people who already lived here. He doesn't deserve a day.

Anyhoo, Best Guy had the day off so we decided to tick off a few towns. We did our best to avoid anything touristy because this weekend is notorious for tour buses, people taking pictures while driving, and leaf peepers holding up the general run of things for those of us trying to get to work. Ahem.

What you can't see is the continuation of this line behind me, nor
the long line in both direction at the intersection. I was very glad
I had the forethought to leave for work early. 

We ended up going to an area that doesn't get much in the way of tourists so it was a lot quieter and easier to navigate. Of course, that also meant there wasn't a lot to do except drive. But with the foliage the way it is (at peak), it was no hard thing. So... here it is:
88: Bakersfield. It's got talent. Apparently.

89: Enosburg. Insert dirty joke play on words here.

90: Montgomery. Just on the other side of a ski mountain (Jay Peak).
You'd think there'd have been more tourists here, but it was pretty quiet.

91: Belvidere

92: Waterville. Where, ironically enough, the town green was a little flooded.
We have a muddy back seat covered in paw prints to prove it.

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