Friday, October 21, 2016

Pet Updates

Beck the Cat

Cats + boxes = cliche

She is still hanging in there. The abcess has not come back, although she is losing her hair on her chin. It's pretty gross seeing all these tufts of hair everywhere. She is still eating, although a little less these days. She is extremely thin. She is still as vocal as she ever was and still comes looking for snuggles. Her coordination is going a little, but she's still able to jump up on to lower things.

She. smells. horrible.

You guys... it's a good thing I love her because holy moly.

We have all the furniture in the living room draped with old blankets to protect the furniture from cat hair and now cat stink. I just washed a couple of the more popular blankets on Sunday. One of them already reeks. I'm thinking we're going to have to throw that blanket out (or better yet, burn it) once all is said and done. I don't think it's going to be salvagable. Heck, we may need to get new cushions for the rocking chair, regardless of the blanket covering them.

We've got a Going Off to College Plan in place for her now. While we're both kinda hoping she just floats off in her sleep, we're aware that this probably isn't going to happen. There is a Kitty Vet in the area who does house calls, and with a little notice he can come over and help our little one with her transition.

Since getting in a cat carrier is such a traumatic event for Beck, we're hoping this will help keep her comfortable. Also, after a little research, we learned that it can help the other pets understand what's going on and why she isn't around anymore. This is mostly for Bauer's benefit; he's never been without his sister. He knows she's sick and he's sticking close to her a lot (but not all) of the time. We're hoping if he's present, the transition will be less traumatic. We're pretty sure Toby doesn't give a flying fig.

Speaking of...

Toby the Dog
Toby getting some love from Grammy Peggy

Toby is doing... well? He has his good days and his not so good days. His best days are when one of us basically stays home all day with him. Those are the days he likes the best. However, since neither Adam nor I enjoy being housebound indefinitely this doesn't happen very often.

On Monday, Toby and I made the long trek north to visit Grammy Peggy. That visit actually went very well, especially considering Mom has a cat who is a known bitch. For reals. Even Mom is scared of her sometimes. The car ride up was a horror and I had to stop three times for him. The drive back was a little better; he was so exhausted that he slept for the first half.

We also bit the bullet yesterday and bought him a muzzle for his walks. He's not a fan, but his reactivity towards other dogs is just off the hook and uncontrollable. We're pretty sure everyone in the neighborhood is going to be happy to see this new accessory, although I'm feeling a little guilty about it. It's one more training tool, and unfortunately at this point it's one we need.

Our Prozac is running low so when we call our next Rx in, I think we're going to ask to have his dosage upped. We have seen the positive effects of it on him, and he's much better than he used to be. However, the separation anxiety is still very high, he still spends most of his time outside the house nervous and scared, and again the whole dog situation. We don't want him stoned, we just want him to be able to see the world is not inherently terrifying.

Bauer the Cat
I can haz yer pretty things to destroy?

Poor Bauer... there is nothing going on with him, and he's still his same annoying self. I am very worried about what is going to happen once his sister goes off to college. He's never been without her. When we got Toby, we started shutting the cats out of the bedroom at night. He is so territorial (especially about us) that having them in there was dangerous to them. There is still no way we can let Bauer sleep with us, so he's going to be out in the house alone for several hours every night. Half of me thinks he'll be fine, the other half worries.

But this is a bridge we can't cross until we come to it. Worrying about it isn't going to make a difference. I will admit, we do not have a plan in place to help him deal. We're just going to have to fuddle along the best we can.

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