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Pet Updates

Beck the Cat

She is still hanging in there. The abcess has not come back, although she is losing her hair on her chin. It's pretty gross seeing all these tufts of hair everywhere. She is still eating, although a little less these days. She is extremely thin. She is still as vocal as she ever was and still comes looking for snuggles. Her coordination is going a little, but she's still able to jump up on to lower things.

She. smells. horrible.

You guys... it's a good thing I love her because holy moly.

We have all the furniture in the living room draped with old blankets to protect the furniture from cat hair and now cat stink. I just washed a couple of the more popular blankets on Sunday. One of them already reeks. I'm thinking we're going to have to throw that blanket out (or better yet, burn it) once all is said and done. I don't think it's going to be salvagable. Heck, we may need to get new cushions for the rocking chair, regardless of the blanket coveri…

Project 251: Indigenous Peoples' Day

For the last few years, Vermont's Governor has renamed Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples' Day. Because Columbus was a douche and didn't actually discover anything. Just killed a whole lot of people who already lived here. He doesn't deserve a day.

Anyhoo, Best Guy had the day off so we decided to tick off a few towns. We did our best to avoid anything touristy because this weekend is notorious for tour buses, people taking pictures while driving, and leaf peepers holding up the general run of things for those of us trying to get to work. Ahem.

We ended up going to an area that doesn't get much in the way of tourists so it was a lot quieter and easier to navigate. Of course, that also meant there wasn't a lot to do except drive. But with the foliage the way it is (at peak), it was no hard thing. So... here it is:

Raising Demons and Ghostacular Massage

Saturday was a busy one for me. During the day, I attended the 3rd Annual Ghostacular Paracon as a practitioner. As one of only two body/energy workers there, I was busy all day long and the event was a great success for my practice.

Later that same night, my dance troupe performed at the annual Art of Horror exhibit opening. It was... incredible. Best Guy was one of the two musicians and it was amazing being able to (finally) collaborate with him. I'm attempting to attach the video here. It's pretty dark but if you squint you can mostly make it out.

I tell you.... I am not as young as I used to be. These kind of days take a while for me to recover. Considering how sore I am after this performance, it also makes me realize how very out of shape I am. Time to get cracking on some kind of exercise regimen!