Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Project 251: Labor-Free Edition

We were very busy this Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, we gave the Master Bedroom a facelift. We chose two shades of gray for the walls, gray curtains, and then a vibrant purple coverlet for the bed. We also re-arranged the furniture a bit. There isn't a lot we can do in there since the room is so small, but we are loving what we've done. All that's left to do is re-hang the wall stuff and we're good to go.

Sunday we didn't do much; just purchased and hung the aforementioned curtains. I had a private client so it broke the day up. On Monday, we decided to knock some 251's out of the park. It was interesting bringing Toby along. We are starting to notice the prozac kicking in, but he's now suffering from one of the side effects: loss of appetite. We've also noticed that, much like a three year old, if he goes too long without a nap he gets cranky and starts growling at everyone. But we did it, and here is the proof! Best Guy was in rare form again, so blame him for the captioning.

81: Barre (Town). Vermont-style pronunciation guide: Barre rhymes with Larry. Finally!
We drove through Barre Town twice, before unable to find any signs. We did a bit
of planning this time (gasp!) and the three of us found a few options.

82: Orange. Vermont-style pronunciation guide: Orange rhymes with ... never mind.

83: Topsham. Vermont-style pronounciation guide: Don't pronounce the "h".
I think TMAs are some kind of snowmobile registration.
I couldn't figure out what the letters stood for, though.

84: Groton. Vermont-style pronounciation guide: rhymes with "rotten".
We did drive through Groton State Forest and it was frickin' gorgeous. Perfect day for it.

85: Peacham. We dipped our toes in Peacham Pond and even coerced Toby
into getting his paws wet. We don't think he has ever set foot in a natural
 body of water before. He was reluctant but eventually took to it. Then spent the
next 15 minutes licking the water off his legs. Yes, you read that right.

86: Marshfield. Vermont style pronounciation guide: "Cree-Mee."
The sign is way in the background but it's there. It counts!

87: Plainfield. Vermont-style pronunciation guide: Grak-sner-qobble-dork
A pleasant way to end our Labor Day excursion.

Groton was a tough one to tick off our list. Both sets of grandparents lived there for my entire life. They - along with my father, two uncles, and an aunt - are also buried in the cemetary there. We went to visit the mortally challenged part of the family and I got to introduce everyone to BG. It was a hard one, I'm not going to lie. Having half of your family knock off in a short period of time is a tough thing to get over, and sometimes it hits you like a ton of bricks.

Also, after being displeased with the shape of my form in these pictures, I've instigated a 30 day challenge for myself. For the next 30 days, I will be eating pescetarian (vegetarian, but with fish), bread only once a week, grains one meal a day, and exercising three days a week. Saturday is the "fun day", and chocolate can be included for emergency purposes. Onward and upward!

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