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Things Kicking Around My Brain These Days

October is looking to be a crazy busy month for me, and I can already feel the energy gearing up. I'll have a lot of plates spinning, so to speak. On the one hand my Type A organization gal is all YES!, but my peace-loving hippie chick is all "I just want to chill and drink apple cider while laying in the leaves." I'll have to find a way to make both happy, I suppose.

1. I think the biggest thing on my mind these days is my business. September has seen the best month to date for me, and it has been incredible being able to tick off goals on my list. It is also bringing change, as I will be losing my current space as of November 1st. It throws a wrench in my plans, but I can't say as I was particularly suprised or upset by it. As much as I truly loved working in that space, I knew going in (it was a sublet, after all) that it was a jumping off point and I wouldn't be there for very long.

The good news is, I have already found an incredible new space that will a…

Prozac Puppy

I never thought I'd be saying thank god for Prozac, but here I am saying just that.

Toby has been on it for a little over a month now, and we are seeing the affects. One of my biggest concerns was that he'd start acting all stoned and dopey but that is not the case. He still has his good days and bad, but over all we're seeing improvements.

1. We're using far fewer treats during our walks these days. He still perks up when he sees someone walking or in their yard, but usually a treat or two will get him through. He's also been "missing" more people in their yards lately so we can walk past without incident. It is making morning walks before the coffee has kicked in much easier. Other dogs we still need to avoid. And also our neighbor Sylvia. Poor Sylvia. It's embarrassing.

2. Much less lunging after the cats. He will still do it, usually when he's exhausted or has otherwise been pushed past his toleration level. But we have been able to co-exist wit…

Project 251: Labor-Free Edition

We were very busy this Labor Day weekend. On Saturday, we gave the Master Bedroom a facelift. We chose two shades of gray for the walls, gray curtains, and then a vibrant purple coverlet for the bed. We also re-arranged the furniture a bit. There isn't a lot we can do in there since the room is so small, but we are loving what we've done. All that's left to do is re-hang the wall stuff and we're good to go.

Sunday we didn't do much; just purchased and hung the aforementioned curtains. I had a private client so it broke the day up. On Monday, we decided to knock some 251's out of the park. It was interesting bringing Toby along. We are starting to notice the prozac kicking in, but he's now suffering from one of the side effects: loss of appetite. We've also noticed that, much like a three year old, if he goes too long without a nap he gets cranky and starts growling at everyone. But we did it, and here is the proof! Best Guy was in rare form again, so bl…