Sunday, August 14, 2016

I Must Be A Mom, Because I Can't Even Watch a TV Show Without Three Someones Whining for Attention

Or, you know, check Facebook of a Sunday morning.

On a more serious note, this is how we know Beck is feeling better. She's determined to cuddle with us again, even if it means challenging Toby on territorial rights. Toby has determined that the Family Room is his. Actually, pretty much every room save the Living Room and the Kitchen. But the last couple of days Beck has been doing the Stare Down with him, then boogying if it looks like Toby is going to get up and snap at her. We know this is a temporary thing, but it's nice to have our girl back, even if for a little while.

In other news, yesterday we went to the vet and pleaded our cray-cray case with the Tobermeister. We left with a vat of prozac and have already started giving it to him. We are looking forward to an easement of the anxiety that surrounds him day in and day out. We are hopeful that once his fear eases a bit, we'll finally be able to train him up on accepting other people in the house and going out and about in the world. We don't want him to live in constant fear, and that's what he's been doing for the last few months. We want to show him the world isn't such a horrible place. Or, at least, this little part of the world.

Yeah, he looks all calm and cute here. Try to pet him though. I dare you. But don't.

My as-needed time at the Stowe Wellness Center is going nicely. I'm sure that will slow down a little once September and school starts, but it is nice contributing financially again. My main job now is to remember that I actually have a full-time job and to not neglect my private practice for the "glamor" of a paycheck. The goal is to let go of the Wellness Center once again, once I am making enough to pay myself. So.... need to keep on that so I can start paying myself!

This is completely accurate and drawn to scale. Also, about a $75k project,
Since I've essentially put the kitchen where the dining room is and
completely closed off a door to the garage. I tell you, if I was rich
I could spend that damned money.

In the meantime, I've been mentally renovating the kitchen. Big budget dreams, little budget reality. It's a good kitchen, and the last owners did a wonderful job updating it just a few years ago. Not anything I would have chosen for myself, but still. It's a good space, if tiny.

As you might be able to tell by the above pet pictures, a few weeks ago, we moved the dining table into the family room. It has made a huge difference in here. The room finally feels... right. Of course, that means that the dining/kitchen area is now wide open. Which we are also liking, because our dining table never felt right there. We have some minor renovation projects we may take on next year (there is a sliding door between the kitchen and one of the bedrooms we want to close off), and may take on the project of adding a small banquette/breakfast area/built in dining area in that space. I've got sketches. To scale, of course.

Crazy days, yo. Just as we finally get this house our we'll probably end up moving to New Mexico or something. Figures. At least the winters are warm.

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