Monday, August 15, 2016

Experience List

Every once in a while, Best Guy and I will be watching or reading something and I'll say "that's on my list!" I don't have a Bucket List, mainly because I hate that name. However, I do have this unofficial list of things I want to do/experience in my head. Often, I don't even know it's on the list until I see something about it and I'm like Oh yeah!

Things have been crossed off the list over the years, but I think it's still a long one. It occured to me last night that I should probably write it down some place, so I can actually check things off.

So... here it is. Things I Want to Experience in My Life (in absolutely no order):

1. Hawaii
2. France
3. Redwood Forest
4. Alaska: I've been, but it was for a conference so I want to go back and do it right.
5. Pyramids in Egypt
6. Australia
7. India
8. Pacific Northwest
9. Being gainfully self-employed and confident about it
10. Glastonbury, England
11. Ireland
12. Wales
13. Being able to afford a really big purchase (like a legit home renovation)
14. Fly first class
15. Stay in a really fancy hotel
16. A nice, long stay at the/an ocean
17. Performing at one of the big belly dance gatherings with my group
18. A meal at a 5-star restaurant
19. A day at a super swanky spa where I'm the one pampered
20. Greece
21. Writing and publishing a book
22. A long, long, long, happy, healthy life with my Sweet Babboo (aka Best Guy).

Well... I guess that's a start anyway.

Our wedding ceremony. BG sang me "I Only Have Eyes for You."
My hair and makeup artist cried for me so I wouldn't ruin my makeup.

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