Friday, August 19, 2016

Dog. Doggy Dog Dog Dog.

We're still waiting for the Puppy Prozac to kick in (oh please gods kick in). The vet said it could be up to four weeks before it did, and it will be just one week with the meds as of tomorrow. The good news is that T-Dawg doesn't seem to be experiencing any of the possible side effects that come with the drug. Those would have kicked in already. His appetite seems fine, and since he's still on a weight loss plan a little less food wouldn't have hurt him anyway. Most importantly, he isn't experiencing Opposite Effect: instead of calming him down the drugs wind him up even more. That was the one we were most worried about because FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON'T WIND HIM UP EVEN MORE.

He has always been an affection-hungry pup. We think he spent a lot of his days being loved up by his former owner, so I think even spending just a month at the Humane Society had him desperately seeking love from anyone who'd give it to him. Ironically, even though he wanted the affection, he did not particularly want cuddles. Scritches and petting and tummy rubs were acceptable, and keep them coming.

However, in the last couple weeks and the last couple of days in particular, he has started snuggling. He started with sleeping next to me on Best Guy's side of the bed after he got up for the morning. He'd jump up and lay next to BG's pillow, his rump usually inches away from my face. Next to me, but if I rested my arm next to him it would be too much and he'd move. Very rarely, he'd get up on the bed and sleep at our feet during the night for a couple hours. Mostly though, he'd stay on the floor and come up when BG vacated the premises.

The other night, he was feeling restless and out of sorts. He ended up coming up on the bed and sleeping next to me for quite a while, pressed up against me nice and tight. He's also started coming in between BG and I for scritches, although he hasn't quite dared sleeping between us yet.

This morning, as per usual, he jumped up on the bed after BG left. When I opened my eyes, Toby's head was on my pillow, a mere inch from my face. I could kiss his velvety ear without moving my head.

I admit to being in heaven, just a little.

We've only had T for a few months, but I feel like his willingness to cuddle/snuggle is a huge hurdle that we're jumping over. Buddy was never much for cuddles or affection. It just wasn't in his nature. We also didn't let him up on the bed because he was a smelly SOB and he always felt dirty, even after having had a bath. But Toby is such an affection hound (ha ha) that it almost seemed as if this half was missing from the picture. That he is feeling comfortable enough to even inch his way toward snuggling is huge. We are encouraging it, but we're not forcing it.

But oh, that face.

THOSE EARS. So soft.

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