Monday, August 29, 2016

Bouncing Back

The last couple of weeks were a tough ones, for reasons that really aren't mine to broadcast to the world. Which explains nothing, I know. Everyone is fine, I'm fine, the small world we revolve in is fine. Everyone is still alive and in good working order. In the grand scheme of things, this was actually small and fleeting.

To make a long story slightly less vague, needless drama was created in response to something that needed absolutely no drama. Not by Best Guy or myself, we're generally not drama-inducing peeps. Hams, yes. Both of us are unabashedly hams. But not drama addicts.

Things have finally cooled down enough so that BG and I could spend the weekend together, uninterrupted. After the stress of the last couple weeks, it was refreshing to spend time puttering around the house, walking the dog, going out to brunch, and garage saleing. There were no dramatic interruptions, no stressful what-if's, just us.

It was wonderful.

An impromptu lakeside getaway one evening. The biggest
drama we encountered was Toby going cray-cray with another dog.
Never thought that would be a relief...

It reminds me once again how grateful I am for BG. He is an intelligent, kind, wonderful Soul. Strong when he needs to be, yet compassionate, reasonable, and understanding. I am safe with him. There are so, so many who can't say the same about their Significant Others, or parents, or family members. This world can be (and more often than not, is) a scary place. To know that I have a haven with BG is humbling, and fills me with even greater love and gratitude.

All beings deserve love, peace, and safety. I am enough of a grown up to know that far too many in this world don't receive any of these. It is my wish that all do.

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