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The Pendulum Ever Swings

A couple weeks ago, I was driving up to the Wellness Center for a shift. It's a long drive (half of the longness is just me trying to get out of my city), but the interstate part of it is gorgeous. I was tooling along, mostly paying attention but also doing that thing you do when you have a long drive on a road you know extremely well. Which is to say, mentally redecorating the house, having philosophical breakthroughs and generally solving all of the world's problems.

Anyhoo... I'm toodling along mostly paying attention when I saw that ubiquitous road-side sight: an animal that didn't quite make the journey across. You see a lot of that, especially in Vermont with its vast green spaces. It's never a fun sight to see but you do get used to it. I almost always say a little "safe travel, little one" as I speed on my way.

This time, though, was different. It was either a large fox or cyote that had been there for a while. Something about the way it lay - wit…

Bouncing Back

The last couple of weeks were a tough ones, for reasons that really aren't mine to broadcast to the world. Which explains nothing, I know. Everyone is fine, I'm fine, the small world we revolve in is fine. Everyone is still alive and in good working order. In the grand scheme of things, this was actually small and fleeting.

To make a long story slightly less vague, needless drama was created in response to something that needed absolutely no drama. Not by Best Guy or myself, we're generally not drama-inducing peeps. Hams, yes. Both of us are unabashedly hams. But not drama addicts.

Things have finally cooled down enough so that BG and I could spend the weekend together, uninterrupted. After the stress of the last couple weeks, it was refreshing to spend time puttering around the house, walking the dog, going out to brunch, and garage saleing. There were no dramatic interruptions, no stressful what-if's, just us.

It was wonderful.

It reminds me once again how grateful I…

Dog. Doggy Dog Dog Dog.

We're still waiting for the Puppy Prozac to kick in (oh please gods kick in). The vet said it could be up to four weeks before it did, and it will be just one week with the meds as of tomorrow. The good news is that T-Dawg doesn't seem to be experiencing any of the possible side effects that come with the drug. Those would have kicked in already. His appetite seems fine, and since he's still on a weight loss plan a little less food wouldn't have hurt him anyway. Most importantly, he isn't experiencing Opposite Effect: instead of calming him down the drugs wind him up even more. That was the one we were most worried about because FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY DON'T WIND HIM UP EVEN MORE.

He has always been an affection-hungry pup. We think he spent a lot of his days being loved up by his former owner, so I think even spending just a month at the Humane Society had him desperately seeking love from anyone who'd give it to him. Ironically, even though he wa…

Experience List

Every once in a while, Best Guy and I will be watching or reading something and I'll say "that's on my list!" I don't have a Bucket List, mainly because I hate that name. However, I do have this unofficial list of things I want to do/experience in my head. Often, I don't even know it's on the list until I see something about it and I'm like Oh yeah!

Things have been crossed off the list over the years, but I think it's still a long one. It occured to me last night that I should probably write it down some place, so I can actually check things off.

So... here it is. Things I Want to Experience in My Life (in absolutely no order):

1. Hawaii
2. France
3. Redwood Forest
4. Alaska: I've been, but it was for a conference so I want to go back and do it right.
5. Pyramids in Egypt
6. Australia
7. India
8. Pacific Northwest
9. Being gainfully self-employed and confident about it
10. Glastonbury, England
11. Ireland
12. Wales
13. Being able to afford a

I Must Be A Mom, Because I Can't Even Watch a TV Show Without Three Someones Whining for Attention

Or, you know, check Facebook of a Sunday morning.

On a more serious note, this is how we know Beck is feeling better. She's determined to cuddle with us again, even if it means challenging Toby on territorial rights. Toby has determined that the Family Room is his. Actually, pretty much every room save the Living Room and the Kitchen. But the last couple of days Beck has been doing the Stare Down with him, then boogying if it looks like Toby is going to get up and snap at her. We know this is a temporary thing, but it's nice to have our girl back, even if for a little while.

In other news, yesterday we went to the vet and pleaded our cray-cray case with the Tobermeister. We left with a vat of prozac and have already started giving it to him. We are looking forward to an easement of the anxiety that surrounds him day in and day out. We are hopeful that once his fear eases a bit, we'll finally be able to train him up on accepting other people in the house and going out and …

Up, Down, All Around

The past five days or so have been a roller coaster of emotions for me.

Two weeks ago, we noticed that Beck the Cat was not her normal self. We got her in to the Vet and we were told that a couple of teeth were causing her great pain, but there was also some weird growth that needed biopsy-ing. This past Friday, we heard back from the Vet about the biopsy and the news isn't good. We've got maybe a month - two at the outside - with her. They've given us some pain meds to give her and we'll just have to keep an eye on her. She'll let us know when it's time, but oh how sad.

In the mean time, she has perked back up. Once we finally realized she couldn't eat the kibble, we switched her to wet food and she's been downing almost a can a day. She is much more vocal and looking for affection again and even cuddled with her brother the other day, something she hasn't done in weeks.

Sunday saw my first fully booked shift in my private practice. It was amazing.…