Sunday, July 3, 2016

Project 251: Independence Edition

Originally we were going to have a garage sale this weekend. When we got our stuff together, we realized that 1) we wouldn't make enough money to bother with it and 2) neither of us wanted to pull together a garage sale. So we're going to donate everything. Eventually.

In the mean time, we decided to knock off a few more towns. It is getting harder and harder to do day trips without having to drive an hour to get to our first location. Luckily this time of year, that's no hard thing.

We went out of our way to get to Buel's Gore. Its a little triangle piece with literally
nothing there but a scenic overlook. Turns out... it's not on the official 251 list. D'oh!
There were a few other Gores we looked at after this to discover they are on the list either.
This makes the adventure a LOT easier because these suckers are not easy to find!

#66 Waitsfield. We happened upon a thriving farmer's market that was in its last half hour.
We wandered around initially looking for some food, but it was crowded and crazy there.
We ended up at a cute little cafe just behind it, with cookies the size of your face. Nom.

#67: Fayston. Toby's first 251 picture and our first dump truck. Now,
all we need is a police car, a fire truck, and an ambulance.

#68: Warren. This place was dripping with red, white, and blue bunting. I have
a sneaky suspicion we either just missed the parade or it was shortly to start.

#69 Roxbury. The senior center/community hall looks like it was taken
out of an old west film. It's pretty awesome.

#70 Northfield. Best Guy's caption: "The ELITE Dental Force Duo is READY FOR ACTION!"

Stay tuned! There are going to be lots of 251 pictures this month, mainly because we're going up to my Mum's next week and then heading south to New Hampshire the following week. Lots of opportunities to cross towns off the list.

In the mean time, I hope everyone has an awesome July 4th!

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Hannah said...

Hey - Northfield Elite Dental is my dentist :) I like to make puns about "Fahoum does the bell toll??" But really, he's a great dentist.

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