Monday, July 11, 2016

Project 251: Home Town Edition

This past weekend, we dropped Toby Dog off at day care and headed up to my Mom's. It was a quick, rainy trip but it was fun. There was a Jazz Fest going on up in Newport, and it was heartening to see so many people about. I've been watching my home town slowly die for the last decade or so, and with the horrible scandal that left a literal hole in the ground on Main Street it seemed like it was time to write the whole place off. Luckily, there are a lot of people up there who care deeply and want to see it succeed. Keep up the good work!

Best Guy was in particular form when writing the captions for the Facebook crowd, so if you see quotes around it, blame credit goes to him.

71: Johnson. "Their food is sure to give you blazing saddles."

#72: Eden. "Ok, let's try this again but with Adam and KATE.
And we need to be clear about that rule about the apple."

#73: Lowell. I don't know. Don't ask.

#74: Westfield. ""Adam! I said, 'they're serving the brisket now!' Turn your hearing aid on and let's go!""

#75: Troy. There were better pictures to take. But I was out-voted. So we have this.

#76: Newport City. My home town! It was raining pretty heavily at this point,
so we basically just walked down a bit from where we had lunch to take this.

#77: Newport Town. Also known more commonly as Newport Center,
so this was a tough picture to get. From BG: "If I'd grown up in Newport
I am certain that I would go 
into the school and ask for my eighteen meals.
And I'd have eaten them all. Because I'm 
as much a smart ass as I am a fat ass. "

To all my friends and family who still live and work in the area... I apologize. Not quite sure for what, but I feel I'm better off saying it now. 

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