Monday, June 20, 2016

Project 251: Wedding Edition

No, not our wedding. A dear friend (and the maker of my beautiful wedding dress) got married this past Saturday in Tinmouth Vermont. Since it was a 2 hour drive south and we were going to have to spend the night, we decided to knock off a whopping 15 towns. It's a personal record for us. Ironically, we did not get a picture in Tinmouth. There were too many shenanigans to be had.

#51: Salisbury. Because when you see a sign like that, you have to take a picture of it.
#52: Leicester. I think it's mandatory to have a town by this name if you are in a New England  State.
#53: Brandon. This is one of those adorable little towns that actually has a lot going on. We ate at a wonderful restaurant for lunch and there was a cool percussion-focused music store that Best Guy nearly bought out.
#54: Pittsford. Our last stop before checking into our hotel and high tailing it to the wedding. 
#55: Rutland (City). There are far too many Rutlands considering the size of our state.
#56: Rutland Town.
#57: Proctor. We have been constantly amazed by how many towns we assumed would have little more than a boundary sign that have actually been thriving communities. As someone who has lived most her life here, it's sad I am just finding this out now.
#58: West Rutland. Here ends the Rutlands. I have performed at many a belly dance shows in the building behind us.
#59: Castleton. There were probably better signs. But this was more fun.
#60: Hubbardton. We went off the beaten track to discover Vermont's only Revolutionary War battlefield.
Come to find out, my Mom grew up about a mile from it. Small world.
#61: Sudbury. For every surprising town with a thriving community, there is another where this is pretty much all we could find. A town bulletin board in front of an unused schoolhouse from 1826.
#62: Whiting. A tad early in the year for the Airing of Grievances, but when you gotta you gotta. 
#63: Cornwall. 
#64: Middlebury. We stopped here for brunch, froyo and some wandering. Another great little town.

#65: St. George. Holy frak we've reached the end. We didn't think there was anything to take
a picture of in this town. But we found its garden. Yay, surprises!

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