Thursday, June 30, 2016

For sooth, A Ren Faire!


Vermont had its first Renaissance Faire in (I think) over ten years this past weekend. The dance troupe I am part of was honored to be part of the entertainment over the weekend. We performed six shows over two days, and gave two "How to Belly Dance Like Us in 30 minutes or Less" workshops.

We had so much fun. The heat was almost intolerable and there was no shade for any of the performers, and certainly none for each of the three "stages" (although we were told early on the second day that this will be rectified for next year). However, we all got through it thanks to ice cream, ice down the shirt and a Water Pixie who would sprinkle us with water from a huge fake flower she was carrying around.

It was awesome.

Here are some pics from the weekend. There is video kicking around somewhere, but unfortunately I don't have access to it as it's from a friend of a friend of an acquaintance who heard that Ferris was in the hospital and it didn't look good.

We particularly enjoyed performing for all of the wee fairies that were about.

This was the second performance of the first day. After all of us nearly passing out
from a 30 minute set, we broke our second set up to include water breaks and solos.

Me and my fellow troupe sister Jenn

This picture includes our traveling drummer Joe. He's the fifth troupe mate.

Courtesy of 4 Seasons Photographies. Ironically, this isn't a full group picture.
It took me a while to realize the person on the end isn't our troupe sister
but rather just a fan who wanted her picture taken with us. Still, it's an amazing shot!

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