Monday, June 13, 2016

Does it Feel Any Different?


Maybe it would feel different if we hadn't been living together for over a year. Maybe it would feel different if we were both in our 20's, young and starting out.

But I have to keep reminding myself. Even though it feels exactly the same... it's different. Yeah, I suppose I could keep introducing Best Guy as my partner, as he is. But he is in fact my husband now. Not just in the eyes of the State, but also in the eyes of his health insurance plan which allows spouses to sign up for free.

He's got killer health care.

When we file taxes next year, it will be as a married couple.

When we go out of an evening, we do it as a married couple.

When we go to the hardware store to pick out paint for the second bedroom, it's as a married couple.

We go garage sale-ing on Saturday mornings as a married couple.

I have a brother in law, a sister in law, and a nephew. I have a second set of parental units.

I have introduced him as my husband on multiple separate occasions.

And it still feels freaking weird.

I am married.

What a fabulous, marvelous, wonder this is.

It's taken a better part of a year for this house to finally feel like our home. How long is it going to take for this new thing to feel like a second skin?

I hope it never does. I hope I still feel this amazement thirty years from now when we're both in our 70's, sitting out in our back yard sipping drinks and enjoying a summer evening together.

Crazy, wonderful, glorious days.

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