Tuesday, May 10, 2016

You Should Get Used to Me Talking About the Wedding. A LOT.

Eleven days from today, I will be a married woman.


However there is is:

The wedding dress of my dreams, thanks to my fellow dance sister and seamstress extraordinaire. She hit it out of the ballpark. When I tried it on for the final fitting, I didn't want to take it off. It is exactly what I wanted. I wouldn't have been able to find anything like it anywhere in the Universe; custom was the only way. I am so glad I went this route. We're saving our pennies so many other ways.... the only thing we're spending significant money on is the caterer. But this. It's my wedding day. I'm gonna have my dress.

In other news, Sunday was Mother's Day. Best Guy wished me a happy Fur Baby Mother's Day. It was the first time anyone's said Happy Mother's Day to me. I feel very much like a mother these days. Spending so much time at home with Toby, it is like trying to figure out what a toddler who hasn't quite mastered words is trying to tell you. Yesterday when I went to pick up my dress, I had no choice but to leave him home alone for a few hours. We have a good set up for him, and we both believe that it is better to get him into the habit of us leaving now than to dote on his separation anxiety and then suffer the consequences later on.

The beagle in him loves a good walk in the wood. So much to smell!

Leaving him just about broke my heart. He knew what was going on and threw a doggie "don't leave me" fit, and I spent the entire time I was gone sad and worried. Tomorrow we are dropping him off at Doggie Daycare, since I will again have to be gone for a few hours and we'll need to get him used to the place for the wedding and minimoon. All I can think of is that he'll think we're abandoning him. I asked BG if he could do it since I would end up bawling my eyes out for an hour after dropping him off, then feel so guilty that I change my mind and pick him back up.

I have spent most of my adult life not having pets, mainly due to lease restrictions or the fact I was traveling a lot, or simply lack of funds to support any. Now that I have two kitties and a pooch and spend my time refereeing the lot, I am in seventh heaven. I love my fur babies and freely admit I am the spoiler of the family. They fill my heart and I adore them.

Even when they are being little shits.

...speaking of little shits who like to goad their new
baby brother into going after them...

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