Friday, May 13, 2016

Eight Days

In eight days I will be a married woman.

I am not taking his name. Really, I've spent the last 42 years inhabiting my name... it's a little late to change it now. I'm just going to get a kick out of Best Guy being called Mr. Mylastname.

Screwing with social constructions is a fun time for all!

Buddy Christ, Mulder and Scully all approve of our non-traditional nuptial choices.

Tomorrow I am taking the entire day to do something Triskele Wellness oriented. It's terrible timing since I should be spending the day cleaning out the barn I'm getting married in, but it is a massive marketing opportunity for me. It was too good to pass up, and frankly I'm going to enjoy getting out and thinking about something different for a few hours.

In other good news, on Wednesday we dropped Toby off at the doggie daycare we used to use for Buddy. We were expecting the worst but he did very well there. We think he may have been there before with his other Momma because he was comfortable and went with the employees and was generally a Good Dog all around. This makes us very happy because now we don't have to feel guilty about boarding him for the wedding. Since barking is also (still) a real issue for walks and friends in the house, we may be using it for band practice nights too. We haven't heard back from the trainer we got in touch with, but we still plan on moving forward with that. We can't have him barking and lunging at people with strollers. Unacceptable.

In the mean time, I have been buying up all the alcohol within a 20 mile radius.

Thank god for Costco, is all I'm saying. At this point we both feel like we have enough beer, but not enough non-alcoholic or wine beverages. So I'm going back out today. On Sunday we're planning on bringing a lot of this pile up to the barn and also giving it another good cleaning. T-dog will enjoy a day of doggie daycare while this happens.

I must admit, I am bored with wedding logistics. I just want to be married already. I know it's coming, and the next week will speed by with a crazy amount of speed.

But I just want to be married to this awesome goober. RIGHTNOW.

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