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And.... We're Back.

May has been a crazy roller coaster of a month. Now that it is coming to a close, life is settling back in to its normal wackiness.

Best Guy is going back to work tomorrow, so I will once again be a semi stay-at-home pet mom. Which is a good thing and a bad thing. Toby likes the quiet so being here with one of us is his secondary preferred state. His primary is both of us spending all day every day feeding him and scratching his tum-tum.

My car, after spending the better part of two weeks in our garage not moving has decided to lock the rear brakes (or emergency brake, we're not sure) so I cannot use it. Tomorrow will be a day of towing and of cringing when I hear how much it's going to take to get it moving again.

I am - finally - ready to start work again in earnest. Taking a month off has been a breather I didn't know how desperately I needed until within the last day or so. I have finally felt the antsy feeling that means it is time to return. That I needed 30 days to …


I can't begin to share all of the videos and pictures that have come out of our wedding this past Saturday, but hands down it was an amazing experience. The joy, love and positive energy raised under that full moon in a Northern Vermont field was incredible. 
All you need is LOVE. 

18 Hours.

By this time tomorrow... well it's 6:30am so I'll probably be awake and freaking out.

But at 6:30pm tomorrow evening I will officially be married.

See you on the flip side!

Eight Days

In eight days I will be a married woman.

I am not taking his name. Really, I've spent the last 42 years inhabiting my name... it's a little late to change it now. I'm just going to get a kick out of Best Guy being called Mr. Mylastname.

Screwing with social constructions is a fun time for all!

Tomorrow I am taking the entire day to do something Triskele Wellness oriented. It's terrible timing since I should be spending the day cleaning out the barn I'm getting married in, but it is a massive marketing opportunity for me. It was too good to pass up, and frankly I'm going to enjoy getting out and thinking about something different for a few hours.

In other good news, on Wednesday we dropped Toby off at the doggie daycare we used to use for Buddy. We were expecting the worst but he did very well there. We think he may have been there before with his other Momma because he was comfortable and went with the employees and was generally a Good Dog all around. This mak…

You Should Get Used to Me Talking About the Wedding. A LOT.

Eleven days from today, I will be a married woman.


However there is is:

The wedding dress of my dreams, thanks to my fellow dance sister and seamstress extraordinaire. She hit it out of the ballpark. When I tried it on for the final fitting, I didn't want to take it off. It is exactly what I wanted. I wouldn't have been able to find anything like it anywhere in the Universe; custom was the only way. I am so glad I went this route. We're saving our pennies so many other ways.... the only thing we're spending significant money on is the caterer. But this. It's my wedding day. I'm gonna have my dress.

In other news, Sunday was Mother's Day. Best Guy wished me a happy Fur Baby Mother's Day. It was the first time anyone's said Happy Mother's Day to me. I feel very much like a mother these days. Spending so much time at home with Toby, it is like trying to figure out what a toddler who hasn't quite mastered words is trying to tell you. Yest…

Tangents. Get Your Random Tangents. Three for the Price of One!

I've had lots of disparate thoughts running through my head the last week or so. This may get kind of jumbled.

1. I am so, so sick of all things bridal. Not our wedding - I'm super excited for that. But bridal stuff in general... hurk. For a long time I was super into Offbeat Bride, because at least it wasn't all frothy and white. But I'm at the point where it feels like even they are just part of the larger Wedding Conglomerate. I never thought that I would be the one so anti-wedding, because I do love glamming myself up in pretties and sparklies. But for some reason it's getting to me. And we're having a super fun, non-traditional, relaxed affair and it has been 98% drama free. I mean.... how much luckier can a person planning such things be?

I was never the kind of girl to plan my wedding. I played dress up all the time, but weddings? Never that I can remember. But I gotta tell you, I've gotten so sick of pictures of women in wedding dresses trying to lo…