Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Yeah, the Moratorium on Major Life Change is Shot to Shit

So.... this happened yesterday:

Squee (!)

His name is Toby. They posted a picture of him on the Humane Society page and Best Guy got down to meet him as soon as possible. BG met him at 1pm, and by 3:30 he was loaded up in the car and on the way to Pet Food Warehouse. Such a quick turn around!

It took a little while for him to warm up to me since we didn't met until I got home from work, but I knew that going in. Hot dogs and string cheese helped on that end.

He is eight years old, and while the online profile said mixed breed his papers said beagle. So now we have another beagle. He spent the entire first eight years of his life with a little old lady, so the last three weeks have been pretty traumatizing for him. Luckily he wasn't with the Humane Society for very long.

So far as we can tell, he's never been to a vet so that will have to happen. He's got a tooth that will most likely need to be pulled, and he's overweight.

He's my little porkie pie.


Apparently the little old lady just left food out for him to eat as he wanted. So he did. That, combined with what was likely very little exercise made him a li'l butterball. We're going to be more stingy with the food and he'll definitely been getting more exercise with us, so I think the weight will come off quickly. From what little I've seen already, he wants to move and I think he is going to greatly enjoy his new-found freedom in that aspect of his life.

He seems pretty uninterested in the cats, which is a very good thing. They've been wary but so far nothing's gone down. Although Beck did try to have a staring contest with him. I told her to back off though and she non-chalantly decided to groom herself by the heater. Just playing it cool.

We will be dealing with separation anxiety for a while. He was very unsettled when BG left for work this morning, and it took a while of petting, snuggles, and rolling around in the grass out back before he exhausted himself into sleep. We are going to have to tag-team so one of us is with him for a while. Luckily my schedule has opened up considerably so it should help. He is also a snuggle monster so there will be lots of scritches in the future.

I am just so beyond happy that I am a Doggie Mama again. Love!

We didn't even bother trying to keep him off the family room couch.
We knew it was a battle we'd never win.

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