Monday, April 25, 2016

Project 251: Meh, We Were Going There Anyway

On Saturday I got out of work early, so we were trying to figure out something to do before heading to a friend's Remembrance Party in Montpelier later on in the day. The party was in honor of a friend's parents, who died just eleven days apart back in February.

We decided that, since it was a sunny day and we had to drive an hour to get there, we might as well knock off a few more towns on the way. So... we present to you the I Need To Stop Yelling at Best Guy to TURN HERE After We've Already Passed the Turn installment of Project 251:

#46: Waterbury. I lived here for many years after college. Parts of Me,Myself and Irene
were filmed here and one night as I was looking out my apartment bedroom window
I saw Jim Carrey wander through the parking lot. True Story.

#47: Middlesex. Sex.

#48: Moretown. There is much more to Moretown than either of us knew, so
we took this crappy shot when there was a whole actual town we could have used.

#49: Duxbury. There was a lame joke about burying ducks. It wasn't mine.

#50: Berlin. We've been trying to get one of VT's awesome old cemeteries
for a while now. Most of these headstones are from the mid 1800's.

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