Tuesday, April 12, 2016

One Month, Eight Days

Shit is gettin' real, yo.

We have our wedding license. We can technically get married right now if we wanted to. My brother will be applying for his one-day officiant permit soon. My friend is bringing my dress up this weekend so I can have a fitting before we have a rehearsal (my dance troupe is doing a bit during the reception). This past weekend, we went up to my brother's place and cleaned out the barn and made some headway on where we want the outside ceremony.

Because it WILL be 72 degrees and sunny all day long.

I've got my shoes, and my jewelry. I spent some serious (for me) cash on the jewelry: a couple handmade in Vermont items that are absolutely stunning. Of course, it made me up my game so what I planned to do for my hair and bouquet suddenly became tacky. So now I have a simple headband for my hair and.... not sure what I'm going to do for my bouquet. I will either see what is blooming and just snip a few flowers the day of or swing by the grocery store and pick up a $12 bunch of flowers and tie a ribbon around the stems.

My pile o' Wedding Shit. It's not big enough. I am failing on the Wedding Shit front.

Both Best Guy and I are feeling like we're a little behind, but I don't think that's really the case. I think this is the first time the ceremony has felt so close. I mean, up until this point it was just this thing we were doing in the future. At 38 days out (urk) suddenly the future isn't so far away. There is still a lot of work that needs to be done in the barn, and weekends have already filled up with non-barn cleaning related activities. Because in addition to getting married, Best Guy and I had the brilliant idea to start up a new business, record a new album, and redecorate the house.

But seriously, our living room is awesome now. Plus, YELLOW CURTAINS.

That Moratorium on Major Life Changes is shot to shit. No wonder we're both feeling stressed out and anxious.

I guess if you aren't biting off more than you can chew, you aren't living life to it's fullest.

Holy crap I am fucking getting married!!!!!! Woo-HOOOOOOO!!!!!

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