Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Apocolypse, Project 251 and Deleting the Past

A few astute observers will notice that I have taken down the post that I put up yesterday. For the rest of y'all...too late! While it felt good in the moment to get the sentiment and frustration out, in the end I decided it was bringing this space down with unhelpful negativity.

Ain't nobody got time for that shit.

So many wonderful, amazing things happened this past weekend I felt this space would be better filled with goodness.

So, here it goes!

The Apocalypse
Saturday night my dance group Leanan Sidhe teamed up with another local group The Accaliae (unpronounceable names of the world unite!) to bring down the house at Green Mountain Cabaret's monthly show. You guys, it was off the hook amazeballs. We don't have video yet but here is one picture that gives you a hint of how incredible it was:

As you can tell, this picture is courtesy of Tim Stowe Photography and the Green Mountain Cabaret.
Awesomeness abounds.

We have all agreed that working together was the Bomb Giggity and we are excited to collaborate again. I am eternally grateful for my Dance Sisters. One can never have too many empowered, strong, talented women in their lives.

Project 251
In the Post Apocalyptic world, there was waffles the next morning. Then some light errands, followed by lunch at a new restaurant that just opened up a few months ago. While Best Guy and I were there, conversation turned to our wedding ceremony (1 month 29 days, y'all). It turns out that while the grand idea was the same, the specifics were very different in our relative minds. We had a wonderful discussion that hashed that out. When we got home, we decided the day was too beautiful to stay inside, so we knocked off a few more towns. Here they are:
40: Ferrisburgh. By the time we got going the bake shop was closed, so no cupcakes for us.

There was a hay bale dude. I had to climb on it. There is also a picture of my huge ass
in the process of climbing on this thing. It has been banned from public.
41: Monkton. We got a kick out of the odd lettering. But we did not donate our bottles.

42: Bristol. Everything was closed, which is a pity because it was an adorable town.
We are going to go back some day when everything is open and explore a bit.

43: Waltham. This place was impossible to find. We didn't think there was
anything to take a picture of. It was that kind of town. There will be more.

44: Vergennes. Neither of us can hit the high notes. But at least BG can sing on-key.

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