Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Project 251: Getting Out of Dodge

This past weekend, we took advantage of Best Guy's tax return and planned a quick weekend away. We were both feeling a little house-bound, so we reserved a room at a B&B in Montpelier Saturday night with the idea that we would spend Sunday doing some 251 towns before heading home. Montpelier is just an hour south of us on the interstate, but sometimes that's all you need to feel like you've shaken things up a bit.

We had a grand time. We headed down after I got home from work. We spent some time walking around town before heading out to dinner at a little pub and then a trivia night the next town over. Ironically enough, despite losing the entire evening we ended up winning the trivia contest. Who knew? We won a couple gift certificates to the cafe it was held in, so coffee there was our first stop Sunday morning. And now... on to the magic that is 251:

33: Barre City (pron. Barry). One of us insisted on being a 12 year old boy and forced
the other to play along. There is also a Barre town, which we did not get on this trip
because we couldn't find a good sign.

34: East Montpelier. Yo.

35: Calais (pronounced callous)

36: Elmore. Very beautiful. Public bathrooms hard to come by. Portapotties at 25 degrees
are NOT amusing.

37: Worcester. Yes, that is the sign we chose. 

38: Morristown. This was actually a hard sign to find because the main town in
this municipality is Morrisville

39: Stowe. I may or may not have insisted on taking this pic, because
I may or may not have worked here for three years and loved every minute of it.

Of course... there are always some extra shots:
Adamant is technically in the Calais municipality, but for obvious reason we had to document our being here.

It should be fairly obvious why we took this picture.

I am walking on water! 

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