Friday, February 19, 2016

Calming the Frak Down

Since deciding to move forward with my private practice and taking those (to me, huge) steps, in addition to seeing the busiest week at work I've had in a long time, in addition addition to keeping up with my regular, mundane chores, in addition addition addition to planning a wedding, I have been feeling crazy nuts for doing this a tad overwhelmed.

In order to stay within the confines of sanity (ha ha), I have been implementing a few ideas/steps to keep me a tad more grounded/present:

  • Eating as healthy as possible: Because this work week has been very, very busy I find that I need to actually eat four meals in a day in order to not come home and eat the couch. Since my first "meal" is usually a fruit smoothie in the morning, this works out well. I have been doing my best to be protein, fruit and veggie heavy, with whole grains and minimal breads. No Doritos allowed. Although chocolate is, because sanity.
  • Finding time for reading or creating: In doing a lot of DIY stuff for the wedding, I have remembered how good it feels to create things. I also recently ordered some long-coveted books off Amazon and reading them fills my soul and my mind. So I have been doing my best to make time for non-wedding creativity and mind-soothing reading (sometimes Terry Pratchett works his way in there too, because sometimes thinking hurts).
  • Not talking logistics after 7:30pm: Because 12 hours of thinking about stuff is enough. That's when I get home after a full shift, and it's time to relax and be with my Best Guy.
  • Getting enough sleep: When I work this much, I find that often eight hours of sleep is not enough. I will often sleep nine to 10 hours easily. At least, when there isn't a cat walking on my face in the middle of the night. So sometimes, closing the door to our four-legged family members is the best thing to do.
  • My own slightly odd mindfulness meditation: I'm not exactly sure where or how I came up with this practice; it is probably an amalgamation of several different things I read or otherwise came into contact with over the years. When my mind feels like it is going off in a million different directions and I feel like my solar plexus chakra is about to burn me alive (aka that anxious feeling in your tummy), I bring myself back into the present moment by narrating everything that I see. Sometimes it is internal, sometimes I say it out loud. I've been doing it especially while driving to keep me calm. This keeps me from going off on crazy mental tangents and worrying about things that haven't happened, that probably won't happen, that probably aren't a big deal if they do happen, and may not have any basis in reality.It goes a little something like this:
    • "I am driving. The sky is blue today. I find it pretty. There are many cars coming in the opposite direction. I am coming up to an intersection. I am slowing down. I am stopping. The light is red. The car in front of me is from Massachusetts. The light has turned green. I am moving forward again."
All of these practices have been working, and I find that it is good to have more than one at your fingertips because some days one method will work a little better than others. 

In the end though, my best calming practice is getting a big hug from Best Guy. Because I have to end this on a highly sappy note. 

Everyone together: D'awwwwwwwwwww!

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