Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Never His Mind on Where He Was, What He Was Doing...

Seen Empire Strikes Back too many times, I have.


I am holed up today battling the second of my winter colds. Although, honestly, I'm considering it a continuation of my first one, as basically it skipped all the other typical cold stuff and went straight to my lungs. My last cold skipped that last bit. I thought I'd beaten the bronchitis monster finally, but apparently it was just kind enough to wait until the holiday rush was over.

I am coming to the conclusion that our Moratorium on Major Life Shifts has been one of the best things Best Guy and I could have done. It has been amazingly freeing, at least for me. All requests on my time get filtered by that lens. Anything that makes it through I feel confident that I can accept as is. Anything that gets stopped by it, I have been saying "ask me again after the wedding."

It has been amazing how well people have accepted this when I explain our reasoning. It isn't like I'm dismissing things out of hand or using it as an excuse to not do things; more like, "I am intrigued but it is bigger than I can currently handle with everything else shifting right now. Can I get back to you on this?"

If BG and I are unsure of something, we'll talk about it. Is it a Major Life Shift? Or is it just a smaller thing? We hold each other accountable to ensure we don't end up taking on too much as we gear up for some busyness in just five(!) months.

It is very nice having this time to settle in and just be a couple. Planning a wedding (even a low-key, casual, slightly off-kilter affair such as ours) takes time, effort, and can be stressful. And frankly, getting married is a Big Deal. I spent most of my adult life coming to terms with the fact I'd probably never get married. So the fact that in a few short months I'm going to be somebody's wife is a major mind fuck for me. It's taking me some time to get my brain around this fact. The Moratorium is giving me the space to do that.

Seriously, though. Wife. Other people are wives. I'm not a wife. I'm Kate.

What. The. Friggity Frackity FUCK.

You see? I need time, man. I need time.

There are a great many things I want to do, experience, and accomplish. But taking this time to be Together as a Couple is probably one of the best things we could do. We already know we can get through pretty much anything at this point. Hell, we already have. I think now is the perfect time for us to just enjoy being together.

Everything else can wait.

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